A Group Of Hollywood VFX Artists Made Their Own The Last Of Us Fan Film, And It's Phenomenal

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HBO is hard astatine enactment connected its The Last of Us TV adaptation based connected the archetypal crippled by Naughty Dog. With much and more casting choices being revealed alongside Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie) for the upcoming series, 1 radical of talented Hollywood VFX artists took to the satellite Naughty Dog gave america themselves to make their own The Last of Us fan film. And you cognize what? It's impressive! 

The movie was created by Josh Toonen, a VFX creator who tells Game Informer that he's worked connected experiences specified as Star Wars IX: Rise of Skywalker and Godzilla vs. Kong and that said experiences heavy inspired his Last of Us take. Called Stay, this is an archetypal communicative acceptable wrong the Last of Us world, which you tin spot for yourself successful the video below: 

The communicative of Stay is a caller 1 but it does intertwine with that of Ellie successful betwixt the archetypal crippled and the 2nd title. Two survivors task retired towards the Santa Monica Pier lights successful anticipation of salvation to beryllium found. Duncan Jones, the manager of the Warcraft movie called the instrumentality instrumentality an "excellent usage of the abbreviated format," with Gabriel Luna - the histrion portraying Joel's member Tommy successful the upcoming show - calling it "beautiful."

The Infected are brought to beingness successful bloody, skin-crawling item by ocular effects and video crippled manufacture professionals. 7 abstracted movie locations and 100+ VFX shots soma retired the bleak, decaying ambiance and grow upon the biology storytelling from the game.

Stay opens with Ellie performing an archetypal screen of Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Credence Clearwater Survival. The last movie was changeable successful Wisconsin during the pandemic and fully-realized by 40 antithetic formed and unit members crossed the globe.

If you're funny successful learning much astir this dedicated abbreviated film, I promote you to cheque retired Toonen's website close here. He shared behind-the-scenes shots, archetypal look astatine however immoderate of the VFX were achieved, and much astir what it took to recreate the satellite of The Last of Us. Enjoy! 

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