Adam Schiff Confirms Concerns Trump Tried To Overthrow Government With FBI And CIA Takeover

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1/6 Committee subordinate Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) confirmed concerns that Trump was trying to overthrow the authorities by installing loyalists astatine Defense, FBI, and CIA.

Video of Rep, Schiff connected MTP Daily:

Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) voices and confirms Gen. Milley's interest that Trump was trying to overthrow the authorities by installing loyalists astatine the Department of Defense, FBI, and CIA.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 16, 2021

Schiff confirmed Gen. Milley’s concerns astir Trump installing loyalists to overthrow the government:

Oh, absolutely, we were concerned astir it. Because it’s precisely what they did with different intelligence agencies astir apt nary bureau was more devastated than the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, erstwhile you had Dan Coats forced retired of his position because helium was speaking the truth astir Russian interference. He was speaking the information about North Korea and its nuclear missile programs, notwithstanding the emotion letters between Donald Trump and the Korean dictator.

And they were replaced. Mcguire was yet replaced because our committee was briefed connected Russian interference with governmental hacks, similar Rick Grinnell and others were enactment in positions of responsibility, like Kash Patel, that they had no concern being in. And truthful this was besides what happened astatine the defense department is not a surprise, and that determination were concerns about a alteration astatine CIA and an FBI, I mightiness add, each of these things were of sedate interest to us. 

The Pieces Of Trump Coup Plot Are Coming Together

Donald Trump not lone funded, coordinated, and incited the onslaught connected the Capitol, but his moves that astatine the clip looked bizarre erstwhile helium filled places similar the Department of Defense with loyalists marque much consciousness now.

Trump was inciting the unit which would halt the certification of the election, and subject and quality communities, helium thought, would assistance him enactment successful powerfulness with a coup.

The erstwhile president mislaid an predetermination and tried to enactment successful powerfulness by taking implicit national instrumentality enforcement and the military.

Trump should beryllium criminally charged for his crippled to overthrow the government. He committed a transgression against the United States, and helium indispensable beryllium punished.

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