Biden’s Approval Rating Near 60% As Every Republican Attack Flops

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A caller canvass released connected Sunday shows that Republican attacks connected President Biden person failed arsenic his support standing is 58%.

According to the latest CBS News Poll:

Biden is doing beauteous good successful this poll.

— Tyler Daniels (@TylerFe5082) July 18, 2021

They deliberation the conflict against the pandemic is going somewhat well, though that’s tempered present by interest astir the Delta variant.

— CBS News Poll (@CBSNewsPoll) July 18, 2021

President Biden’s infrastructure proposals person a 59% support rating, and by a borderline of 51%-31%, respondents deliberation that the expanded kid taxation recognition volition assistance them.

The Republican Attacks On Biden And His Agenda Have All Failed

The immense bulk of Americans simply aren’t believing the Republican attacks connected the President.

Republicans person tried to statement Joe Biden a Marxist, a socialist, and an cause of the acold left, and thing has stuck. They person refused to ballot for his proposals and person tried to assertion that helium is hurting the economy, and each of their broadsides person missed.

Joe Biden is fashionable due to the fact that helium is starring the federation retired of a pandemic and rebuilding the system portion giving astir Americans things that they person wanted, but Republicans ever told them that they could ne'er have.

Right-wing media has been moving to bring down Biden, but the canvass numbers suggest that their connection has fallen connected deaf ears extracurricular of their supporters.

Only Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan person registered higher support ratings aft their archetypal six months successful the modern era.

Joe Biden is gathering a peculiar presidency, and truthful far, Republicans person not been capable to dent his popularity with the American people.

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