Blue Origin boss Jeff Bezos set for launch on his New Shepard craft

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By Matthew Sparkes

Jeff Bezos and rocket

Jeff Bezos is the laminitis of Blue Origin

Blue Origin

Amazon laminitis Jeff Bezos volition effort to marque past time erstwhile his abstraction institution Blue Origin launches its archetypal crewed ngo to abstraction aft 15 uncrewed flights. Blue Origin hopes to motorboat its New Shepard rocket connected 20 July astatine 1pm GMT from a tract successful westbound Texas.

On committee the reusable rocket volition beryllium Bezos himself arsenic good arsenic his member Mark Bezos and 82-year-old Mary Wallace Funk, known arsenic Wally, who was a pioneering pistillate astronaut trainee successful 1961 but ne'er got the accidental to alert to space.

Also aboard volition beryllium 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, who volition go the company’s archetypal paying rider arsenic his financier begetter paid for the seat. Funk volition beryllium the oldest idiosyncratic to alert to space, and Daemen becomes the youngest.

An unnamed bidder who won an auction for the archetypal paying spot connected a Blue Origin motorboat with a bid of $28 million had to power to a aboriginal formation “due to scheduling conflicts”.

The unit volition scope an altitude of 100 kilometres and person astir 3 minutes of weightlessness earlier strapping backmost into their seats for re-entry and landing successful Texas conscionable 11 minutes aft take-off. The spacecraft is afloat autonomous truthful the astronauts person nary responsibilities and tin bask the flight.

Chris Yeager astatine Blue Origin said successful a pre-launch property league that the rocket was “ready to fly” and that the day was chosen due to the fact that it was 52 years to the time since Neil Armstrong became the archetypal quality to acceptable ft connected the moon. Weather forecasts for the clip of motorboat are positive.

If successful, the formation volition beryllium the 2nd tourer spaceflight this month. On 11 July Richard Branson reached the borderline of space connected a Virgin Galactic flight. The billionaire narrowly go the archetypal idiosyncratic to alert connected a spacecraft of their ain making, beating Jeff Bezos by a substance of days.

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