Brisbane Olympics vote roasted after leak

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The mode successful which Brisbane was awarded the OIympics is nether fire, with a property merchandise announcing the determination issued earlier the authoritative ballot was adjacent held.

Brisbane was the sole morganatic campaigner by the extremity of the process for the 2032 Games, having go the IOC's preferred bidder. The authoritative announcement came astatine 6.30pm connected Wednesday (AEST).

Yet a leaked property merchandise from Tokyo Olympics organisers, much than an hr earlier the authoritative vote, revealed that Brisbane had already secured the Games; starring to accusations that the pomp and ceremonial was each for show.


Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was already nether occurrence for going to Tokyo, which she insisted was perfectly indispensable for the bid's success. She, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Brisbane Lord Major Adrian Schrinner and Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates gave a last presumption to IOC members astir an hr earlier the last vote, which finished 72 from 77 successful Brisbane's favour.

IOC President Thomas Bach and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk during a property league confirming the Brisbane 2032 Olympics. (dpa/picture confederation via Getty I)

A New York Times newsman grilled IOC president Thomas Bach astir the process aft the leaked property released surfaced.

"Not to determination acold h2o connected the celebrations, but conscionable connected the process — Mr Bach, we were present yesterday and you said this was not a done deal, this 1 candidate," the newsman said.

"But 2 hours earlier the ballot we got an embargoed property merchandise from Tokyo 2020 congratulating Brisbane connected winning this bid … it conscionable gives the aerial that the IOC rank are benignant of a gilded brothers band. What is the constituent of these radical erstwhile it comes to a process similar this?"

Bach responded: "I'm unaware of this but you cannot blasted the IOC members determination for a property merchandise from the organising committee. I don't cognize what happened there, but it has thing to bash with mean procedure.

"You saw contiguous a last presumption by Brisbane and again the questions and a concealed vote. I deliberation this speaks for itself and it has thing to bash with the enactment (by Tokyo organisers)."

Palaszczuk was aboriginal asked by Australian reporters if she truly needed to beryllium successful Tokyo, portion galore Aussies are locked down and being told to enactment astatine home.

"I'll fto John (Coates) speech astir the delegation but tin I accidental we had state, national and assembly represented present and you saw our committedness to convincing the International Olympic Committee that we are acceptable to big the 2032 Olympics," she said.

Coates added: "The IOC president had nary thought astir it (the leaked property release), truthful that's that.

"If Richard (Federal Sports Minister Richard Colbeck), Adrian and the Premier weren't there, and small Johnny Coates had to spell up determination connected his own, determination wouldn't person been 50 per cent of the votes.

"The IOC members privation to spot the existent radical who person done it. It was an existent necessity … she (Palaszczuk) had to beryllium here."

Palaszczuk was again grilled implicit evident "double standards" by a reporter, having near locked-down Brisbane for virus-rife Tokyo, wherever much than 1000 COVID-19 cases per time are being recorded.

"It's the determination betwixt the IOC and the Japanese authorities for the Olympics to spell ahead. I bash not marque that decision, that is their decision," she said.

"You're each present for the Olympics, we're present to get the 2032 Olympics for Brisbane, which we person done tonight, which is simply a large nighttime of solemnisation and that is thing we should beryllium focused on."

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and President of the Australian Olympic Committee John Coates. (Getty)

Schrinner insisted that it would person been ridiculous to "put $8 cardinal worthy of economical and societal benefits for Queensland down to a Skype call. I wouldn't enactment $17 cardinal worthy of benefits for Australia down to a Skype call."

Brisbane volition big the 3rd Olympics Games held successful Australia, pursuing Melbourne 1956 and Sydney 2000.

The process was vastly antithetic to those followed successful awarding the Sydney Games, which came down to a genuine determination that was famously announced by erstwhile IOC brag Juan Antonio Samaranch.

With lone large planetary cities traditionally staging the Olympics, Brisbane has besides positioned itself arsenic a caller benignant of task for the IOC.

"We privation to amusement the satellite that mid-sized cities and regions tin big the Games without fiscal distress oregon missed deadlines," Palaszczuk told voters.

Brisbane said it already has 84 per cent of stadiums and lawsuit venues successful spot to acceptable the IOC's modern request of avoiding excessive spending and imaginable white-elephant projects.

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