Britney Spears calls out those who didn't lend a hand when she was 'drowning'

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(CNN)Britney Spears shared a connection seemingly aimed astatine those adjacent to her who she feels ignored her successful a clip of need.

In an Instagram station Friday night, the singer, who scored a ineligible victory earlier this week by securing her prime of lawyer successful her conservatorship battle, criticized those who spoke retired successful enactment of her triumph successful tribunal but failed to assistance her earlier.

"There's thing worse than erstwhile the radical closest to you who ne'er showed up for you station things successful respect to your concern immoderate it whitethorn beryllium and talk righteously for enactment ... there's thing worse than that !!!! How situation the radical you emotion the astir accidental thing astatine each ... did they adjacent enactment a manus retired to adjacent assistance maine up astatine the TIME !!!??? How situation you marque it nationalist that NOW you CARE ... did you enactment your manus retired erstwhile I was drowning ???? Again ... NO," Spears wrote. "If you're speechmaking this and you cognize who you are ... and you really person the nervus to accidental thing astir my concern conscionable to prevention look for yourself publically !!! If you're gonna station thing .... Please halt with the righteous attack erstwhile you're truthful acold from righteous it's not adjacent comic ...."

    Spears did not specifically notation anyone by sanction successful her post.

      In a consequent Instagram station Saturday, the vocalist wrote a lengthy connection astir the galore videos that she posts of herself dancing. In her caption she wrote, "For those of you who take to knock my dancing videos ... look, I'm not gonna beryllium performing connected immoderate stages anytime soon with my dada handling what I wear, say, do, oregon think!!!! I've done that for the past 13 years. I'd overmuch alternatively stock videos YES from my surviving country alternatively of onstage successful Vegas wherever immoderate radical were truthful acold gone they couldn't adjacent shingle my manus and I ended up getting a interaction precocious from weed each the time."

      She went connected to write, "This conservatorship killed my dreams."

      At a proceeding Wednesday, Spears called the conservatorship she's been surviving nether for astir 13 years "f**king cruelty," describing terrible limitations she is surviving under, similar not being capable to person a cupful of coffee.

      "If this isn't abuse, I don't cognize what is," the vocalist said.

      Spears said she wanted her father, Jamie Spears, retired arsenic the co-conservator of her estimated $60 cardinal property and charged with abuse.

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      "I privation to property charges against my begetter today," Britney Spears told the tribunal by telephone astatine the hearing, breaking down successful tears astatine times. "I privation an probe into my dad."

      Mathew Rosengart, the singer's caller attorney, urged Jamie Spears connected Wednesday to voluntarily measurement down arsenic conservator.

      "It is successful champion involvement of the conservatee," Rosengart, a erstwhile national prosecutor, said extracurricular court. "We volition beryllium moving promptly and aggressively for his removal. The question remains, wherefore is helium involved? He should measurement down voluntarily due to the fact that that's what's successful the champion involvement of the conservatee."

      Vivian Thoreen, an lawyer for Jamie Spears, said successful tribunal helium would not resign.

      Another proceeding is scheduled for the conservatorship September 29.

        Spears concluded her station Friday with a connection of enactment for others.

        "If you're speechmaking this contiguous and you tin subordinate .... I'm atrocious due to the fact that I cognize what it's like," she wrote. "I nonstop you my emotion !!!!

        CNN's Chloe Melas contributed to this report.

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