Broncos' mega-deal plan for 'valuable jewel'

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Brisbane Broncos coach Kevin Walters has confirmed that the nine is keen connected signing NSW prima Payne Haas to a immense semipermanent deal.

Following his monster effort successful Origin III for the Blues, the promising guardant was again caput and shoulders Brisbane's champion subordinate successful the nonaccomplishment to the Tigers connected the weekend. The Broncos gave up an 18-10 halftime pb to spell down 42-24 but Haas was arsenic almighty arsenic ever, moving for 148 metres and making 41 tackles successful 65 minutes portion mounting up a Thomas Flegler try.

Haas' absorption and Brisbane officials are successful discussions astir a monolithic woody reportedly to the tune of a 'lifetime' $10 million, 10-year deal.

Speaking connected 100% Footy, Walters declared the nine is moving down the scenes with Haas' radical and the Broncos haven't been shy successful expressing their involvement successful locking him up.

"Yeah determination has been immoderate treatment astir each of that with Payne and the longevity of his vocation present astatine the Broncos," Walters said.

"Obviously, that's thing that the board, our CEO and Ben Ikin volition benignant out, the longevity of however agelong Payne stays here. He's been our champion subordinate this twelvemonth and there's truthful overmuch up-side to Payne's crippled present astatine the Broncos.

The Broncos person 'no plans' to spot Payne Haas beryllium the adjacent young weapon to locomotion retired the doorway according to shot boss, Ben Ikin (Getty)

"He's 1 of those guys that you tin truly physique a team, a aboriginal and a nine astir fixed his performances.  I liken him to Glenn Lazarus, and I played a batch of footy with Glenn Lazarus, helium was 1 of our champion players each week and if not past our apical 2 oregon 3 players each week.

"And Payne has those aforesaid qualities astatine 21-years of age. He's surely a invaluable jewel to us. I'll permission it to those determination makers to determine connected Payne's semipermanent aboriginal here.

"But from a coaching constituent of view, he's a imagination to manager and a large feline to person connected your side."

The woody is acceptable to marque Haas the Broncos archetypal $1 million-a-season guardant successful the club's history.

There was immoderate uncertainty whether Haas would stay, particularly since chap forwards Matt Lodge and David Fifita near the club. However, it's said the prima is keen to enactment successful Brisbane.

Long-term deals successful the NRL and successful sports successful wide are fraught with danger, though the Broncos guardant stocks person taken a deed and Haas is the lone glimmer of anticipation that provides fans with optimism astir the future.

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