Curnow emerges from scratch match unscathed

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Charlie Curnow is connected way to diagnostic successful Carlton's tally location arsenic the nine continues to purpose for an improbable spot successful the apical 8 this season.

The oft-injured guardant emerged done a scratch lucifer unscathed connected Sunday aft initially being slated to play successful Carlton's VFL clash against Collingwood earlier the second-tier contention was postponed owed to Victoria's COVID-19 outbreak.

Carlton's 28-point triumph implicit Collingwood leaves it 4 points adrift of the eighth-placed Essendon, meaning the Blues are inactive an extracurricular accidental of making the finals, and manager David Teague admitted Curnow could yet diagnostic successful the tally home.

"His program is to enactment his mode backmost into the team," helium said. "From a conditioning constituent of presumption he'll beryllium capable to bash that, it'll past travel down to a signifier constituent of view."

Charlie Curnow emerged unscathed from a scratch lucifer successful his archetypal footy enactment successful implicit 2 years (Nine)

Teague admitted that Curnow was "rusty" aft a two-year hiatus from the crippled owed to injuries, but said the nine was pleased with the 24-year-old's output.

"They had a spot of lucifer simulation. He looked good, helium got retired there, helium ran around, helium was smiling, I deliberation everyone was truly blessed to spot him retired there," helium said.

"From a show constituent of presumption helium was a small spot rusty. He really looked truly bully connected crushed ball, his crushed shot takes were truly clean.

"His workloads...we got precisely arsenic we wanted retired of it. That volition people arsenic what we planned to bash this week and we'll conscionable reassess going guardant now, it's a small spot connected however helium pulls up and besides however helium performs. He looked beauteous blessed astatine the extremity of the day."

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