Democrats Won’t Be Stopped As Republicans Set To Block Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

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Democrats are readying to support steaming up arsenic Republicans are acceptable to artifact the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Politico reported:

Senate Republican leaders warned Monday that they volition filibuster a Wednesday trial ballot connected a bipartisan infrastructure woody if Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer follows done with forcing one.


Despite the clip crunch, mean Democrats are signaling they are comfy with Schumer’s play.

“I inactive judge Chuck’s got the close schedule,” said Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.). If the ballot fails Wednesday, helium suggested: “What the hell? Keep america present successful August.”

Democrats Won’t Be Stopped By Republican Dysfunction And Games.

The filibuster menace is simply a astonishment to nary 1 arsenic it was wide expected that Senate Republicans would stroke up the bipartisan woody arsenic soon they recovered retired that it wouldn’t halt President Biden from besides backing a overmuch larger reconciliation measure connected quality infrastructure.

If the bipartisan woody goes down successful GOP flames, determination volition beryllium overmuch handwringing successful the firm media, but Democrats don’t care. Whatever the Republicans termination volition beryllium added to the reconciliation bill.

President Biden and Majority Leader Schumer outsmarted the Republicans and took distant their quality to obstruct with the two-track strategy. 

Democrats are going to walk a monolithic measure that President Biden volition motion into law, arsenic Republicans are lone hurting themselves by filibustering the bipartisan deal.

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