EA Sports PGA Tour Announces LPGA Plans

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EA Sports has announced a truer practice of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) successful the upcoming EA Sports PGA Tour game. The adjacent signifier of the years-long concern is said to spell beyond simply quality enactment and alternatively includes in-depth pistillate practice crossed each modes.

In summation to bringing much pistillate golfers to EA Sports PGA Tour, this variation of the crippled features the Amundi Evian Championship, which is 1 of the 5 large championships of the LPGA Tour. That means you tin tee disconnected arsenic a pistillate golfer astatine a existent practice of the Evian Resort Golf Club. Players tin expect further crippled modes connected apical of the Amundi Evian Championship from the semipermanent LPGA partnership, including being capable to make their ain pistillate athletes successful the recently overhauled create-a-player mode. Players tin besides expect LPGA-themed challenges, amateur tournaments, and more.

"We are besides making definite that notable events produced by the starring women's play relation were included arsenic well; conscionable similar immoderate of our different tours," EA Tiburon elder shaper Jenny Martin says. "One large illustration is our announcement contiguous of adding the Amundi Evian Championship, 1 of the large championships successful women's golf, and of people wherever it's played – the Evian Resort Golf Club in Évian-les-Bains, France – successful high-fidelity for the adjacent procreation of pistillate play professionals, enthusiasts, and gamers to enjoy."

To much realistically seizure the tone of the women's game, the improvement squad worked with a divers radical of nonrecreational golfers and broadcasters, including erstwhile nonrecreational golfer Iona Stephen, who not lone worked with EA for implicit a twelvemonth connected the design, audio, visuals, community, and play trends, but besides joins the commentary squad arsenic the archetypal pistillate on-course commentator successful the game. She joins the squad arsenic a subordinate of the EA Sports Creative Council. 

"We cognize that women's play is not the aforesaid arsenic men's golf, and the LPGA differs from the PGA," Stephen says. "We wanted to instrumentality the aforesaid attack successful partnering with the PGA with the LPGA, which includes engagement from pistillate nonrecreational athletes and professionals, similar me, to amplify the authenticity of women's play and pistillate golfers successful EA Sports PGA Tour."

The squad isn't acceptable to delve deeper into the LPGA-centered modes oregon the pistillate golfers successful the game, but EA Tiburon has revealed that the 2019 victor of the Amundi Evian Championship and existent #2 ranked LPGA golfer successful the world, Jin Young Ko, is connected the roster. "We can't yet stock the implicit database of names conscionable yet, arsenic this process is inactive ongoing," Martin says. "Our extremity is to see much pistillate golfers than immoderate different play crippled retired there. With the assistance of the LPGA, Creative Council, and a divers dev team, we volition beryllium capable to correspond women successful play successful a broader stroke."

EA Sports PGA Tour is acceptable to motorboat successful outpouring 2022 connected new-gen consoles. For much connected the concern the crippled has with The Masters, caput here.

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