Ethereum cryptocurrency delays emissions-slashing upgrade again

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Ethereum is utilizing astir arsenic overmuch energy arsenic Ecuador, according to a caller analysis, and a long-awaited upgrade to slash its vigor usage has been delayed erstwhile again

Technology 15 December 2021

By Matthew Sparkes

coal powerfulness  plant

A coal-fired powerfulness works successful Germany

Hans Blossey/Alamy

A long-awaited upgrade to the Ethereum web which developers committedness volition slash vigor depletion by 99 per cent has been delayed erstwhile more, arsenic a caller study reveals that it presently uses 23 terawatt hours of energy annually – lone somewhat little than the energy utilized each twelvemonth successful Ecuador.

Kyle McDonald, an creator who incorporates exertion into his work, has published possibly the astir in-depth probe connected the vigor usage of the network. The cryptocurrency has utilized a full of 39 terawatt hours since …

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