eToro to add 3 new IPO stocks

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Discover 3 caller and blistery stocks to bargain connected the world’s starring societal trading platform.

eToro plans to adhd 3 blistery stocks to its level starting Wednesday, 21 July 2021, according to details connected the societal trading platform.

The broker expects to adhd Kaltura Inc. (KLTR), Couchbase Inc. (BASE), and Outbrain Inc. (OB) to its suite of tradable stocks arsenic the 3 companies database connected US-based speech NASDAQ.

According to eToro lawsuit support, the caller stocks volition initially beryllium disposable to “buy” only, and volition lone beryllium tradable without leverage. Also, portion the caller stocks volition decidedly beryllium disposable for investing, users request to enactment that this volition lone beryllium imaginable aft the IPO has floated—this typically means during the “trading” league aft the opening bell.

However, eToro users tin instrumentality vantage of the pre-listing enactment connected the brokerage to adhd the stocks to their watchlist.

Expected IPO dates

Kaltura’s archetypal nationalist offering (IPO) is scheduled for 21 July 2021. The bundle company, founded successful 2006, has its operations headquartered successful New York and offers services crossed Cloud TV and video platforms. The institution is offering 15,000,000 shares, astatine a $10 per-share value.

The adjacent banal connected the database is Couchbase (BASE), which volition database connected NASDAQ connected Thursday, 22 July. It is besides a bundle institution based successful the US, portion web advertizing institution Outbrain (OB) volition person its IPO connected Friday, 23 July. Outbrain generates its gross from connecting online users to links starring to sponsored content.

Couchbase, Inc. volition connection 7,000,000 shares astatine $21.5 per share, portion Outbrain Inc. is acceptable to connection 8,000,000 shares, with a per-share worth of $25.

eToro has said its archetypal terms offering for the 3 stocks whitethorn somewhat disagree from the IPO prices.

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