France captain called out for ultimate rugby sin

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Wallabies prima James O'Connor and manager Dave Rennie person accused France skipper Anthony Jelonch of the eventual rugby misdeed - football-style gamesmanship successful what they viewed arsenic a palmy enactment to get Marika Koroibete sent disconnected successful a gripping 3rd Test.

Rugby is nary alien to baffling refereeing decisions but Ben O'Keeffe reaching for a reddish paper aft 5 minutes was genuinely jaw-dropping.

You feared Australia would melt, Cadbury-style, without 1 of their apical 3 players but alternatively they someway played amended with conscionable 14 men.

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France skipper Anthony Jelonch reacts to the Marika Koroibete hit. (Stan)

Injured playmaker O'Connor called Jelonch retired for covering his look and crumbling to the Suncorp Stadium turf aft Koroibete rocked him with his shoulder.

"It's beauteous frustrating," O'Connor told Nine and Stan Sport astatine halftime, with scores locked astatine 20-20 successful different singular Test match.

"If you're playing successful the tone of rugby that's not thing I conjecture you do.

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Marika Koroibete of Australia tackles Anthony Jelonch of France earlier being sent disconnected for a enarthrosis charge. (Getty)

"To maine it looked like, blatantly, Jelonch's been hit, he's dropped the shot and past he's reacted due to the fact that of that.

"So beauteous frustrating but it's astir brought america unneurotic a small spot and we're playing immoderate faster rugby which is good."

Young escaped guardant Jelonch was captaining a second-string France for the archetypal clip Down Under.

French skipper Anthony Jelonch reacts astatine a property league aft the Test astatine Suncorp Stadium. (Getty)

In commentary for Nine and Stan Sport, All Blacks fable Andrew Mehrtens pulled nary punches and labelled the reddish paper an "absolute travesty."

Speaking aft his archetypal bid triumph arsenic Wallabies coach, Rennie described chap Kiwi O'Keeffe arsenic "an fantabulous referee" but shared O'Connor's disdain for Jelonch's actions.

"There was a mates of situations wherever our guys got clocked successful the caput but they didn't enactment down," Rennie said.

Wallabies manager Dave Rennie celebrates with seasoned prop James Slipper. (Getty)

"They conscionable get up and get connected with it.

"So possibly that's the difference."

Rennie praised the Wallabies for a "smarter" kicking crippled and a "massive" antiaircraft effort.

"We showed a batch of alloy tonight."

The Wallabies observe triumph astatine Suncorp Stadium. (Getty)

It meant Australia retained the Trophee des Bicentenaires and volition bask immoderate clip to observe a gruelling, unsocial 11 time bid earlier reloading for the Bledisloe Cup opener astatine Eden Park connected August 7.

"Really pleasing," Rennie said.

"Amazing quality and we'll turn from a beauteous peculiar night."

While Jelonch's alleged dive won't triumph him galore fans successful Australia, Les Bleus' wide publication to a memorable bid can't beryllium overstated.

'Try from the extremity of the world'

France endured edifice quarantine portion fulfilling their Test commitments and played immoderate spectacular rugby with a severely depleted squad.

It underscored their claims to a imaginable archetypal Rugby World Cup connected location ungraded successful 2023.

"Each crippled down to the ligament truthful acknowledgment to France travelling astir the satellite successful this time and age, it made for a large competition," Wallabies skipper Michael Hooper said.

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