#FreeBritney activists celebrate win for Britney Spears this week

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(CNN)Outside the Los Angeles County Superior Courthouse connected the time of Britney Spears' July 14 tribunal proceeding for her conservatorship, a dozens of immoderate of the singer's astir devoted fans gathered.

They held banners, signs and adjacent baked cookies with the present viral hashtag, #FreeBritney.

It's these loyal and vocal supporters who person have raised questions astir Spears' conservatorship for years and who person been a changeless beingness astatine her hearings since 2019.

    But the proceeding earlier this week was different.

      Not lone was it a groundbreaking infinitesimal for the vocalist owed to Judge Brenda Penny granting her petition to prosecute an lawyer of her prime -- her erstwhile lawyer for the past 13 years had been tribunal appointed -- but Spears utilized the #FreeBritney hashtag connected Instagram for the precise archetypal time.

      In her post, which featured a video doing cartwheels and horseback riding, she wrote successful part, "Thank you to my fans who are supporting maine ... You person nary thought what it means to maine beryllium supported by specified awesome fans !!!! God bless you each !!!!!"

      Spears besides referenced the hiring of her caller attorney, Mathew Rosengart.

      CNN spoke to 3 of the founders of Free Britney LA, a radical oregon Spears fans who enactment the singer's privation to bring her conservatorship to an end, astir what Spears' nationalist acknowledgment meant to them.

      "I was overjoyed to spot Britney horseback riding and doing cartwheels connected Instagram conscionable hours aft the justice approved her prime of counsel," Leanne Simmons told CNN. "I tin lone ideate however hopeful she indispensable consciousness present that she has a lawyer of her ain choosing. Regardless of who has the last accidental connected her societal media posts, the caption ended with #FreeBritney and that was surely a arrogant infinitesimal for the movement."

      Megan Radford said, "It's ever been hard to cognize for definite if Britney really manages her societal media oregon not, but it seems similar she's getting much power aft her grounds connected June 23. Seeing her usage the #FreeBritney hashtag was surreal. Britney Spears has officially joined the #FreeBritney movement. There's nary stopping america now."

      Junior Olivas echoed her feelings, "I was honestly shocked to spot the hashtag #FreeBritney connected her instagram! It made maine wonderment if thing had changed with her societal media. Her societal media successful itself is specified a mystery. We cognize tons of radical person entree to it. But erstwhile I archetypal work it, successful my sentiment it felt real, similar a existent caption by Britney. It made maine happy."

      During Spears' astir caller hearing, she cried arsenic she told Judge Penny that she wants to complaint her father, Jamie Spears, with conservatorship abuse.

        She besides called her concern "f***ing cruelty."

        The adjacent proceeding is scheduled for September 29.

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