Gallen's warning to stars amid fresh scandal

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Paul Gallen and Phil Gould person some urged NRL players to beryllium much wary of their institution aft the emergence of the league's latest off-season scandal.

The 2 league greats' telephone came aft the NRL was made alert of a video connected societal media that allegedly shows Melbourne Storm players successful a country wherever determination is simply a achromatic substance connected a table.

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Sydney Morning Herald newsman Michael Chammas told Nine's 100% Footy that the NRL would talk to players connected Tuesday earlier proceeding with immoderate further action.

While Gallen said players had to instrumentality work for their actions, helium besides criticised the institution they held themselves successful disconnected the field, peculiarly during the off-season.

The Storm person a contention connected their hands conscionable days having their play brought to an extremity by the Panthers (Getty)

"You've got to beryllium precise cautious who you situation yourself with," helium told 100% Footy.

"That's the biggest issue: who these guys are with is the biggest contented - it's not them. It's not themselves, it's not their families, it's not their teammates, it's who they're with.

"You've got to instrumentality work for your ain actions, but that bloke who took the photograph and sent it out, if helium had've sat determination and said, 'What you guys are doing is wrong, you're nonrecreational athletes, don't bash it', and they had said, 'Get nicked', and past helium would've done it, I would've said you've got to bull it. But he's taken a photograph trying to get them into trouble.

"I've said it implicit and implicit - they can't enactment themselves successful that situation. It's their responsibility and they've got to instrumentality work for it, I'm not saying they don't, but [with] who they situation themselves with, they've got to beryllium much careful.

NRL investigating enactment video

"Whether it's the skipper oregon the club, the payment serviceman astatine the club, idiosyncratic astatine the nine has to archer these guys: beryllium precise cautious who you situation yourself with, due to the fact that it's ever the different radical astir them that are getting them successful trouble, not themselves."

Gallen's constituent was echoed by Gould, who said that "people are retired to get" nonrecreational athletes.

"I accidental 2 things to players: one, you motion a declaration saying you won't bash it and two, you'll get distant with it a 1000 times, immoderate volition ne'er ever get caught, until it's your look successful the paper and your look successful the quality and it becomes very, precise real," helium said.

"Why instrumentality that risk? You've got a full beingness aft shot to bash immoderate you like. You tin spell backmost into the nine and bash what you want, but portion you're a nonrecreational footballer, recognize that determination are radical that are retired to get you."

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