Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Receives Dozens Of Fixes, Physical Releases Delayed Slightly

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Rockstar Games has a mates of updates for its precocious released postulation of Grand Theft Auto games from the PS2/Xbox era. First, the carnal editions are being delayed, but lone by 10 days. A tweet from the institution announced the alteration successful day connected Twitter, saying you tin get your existent mitts connected Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on December 17 alternatively of the primitively planned December 7.

The merchandise dates for the carnal versions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition person changed.

Xbox Series X / Xbox One and PS4 volition present merchandise connected December 17. The Nintendo Switch mentation is coming successful aboriginal 2022.

Check your section retailer for availability.

— Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) November 30, 2021

Tangentially, The Trilogy launched digitally earlier this period successful a authorities that fans weren't excessively blessed about, awash with graphical issues, show woes, and overly-intense downpours of rain. Since then, Rockstar has issued patches to the trio of products successful an effort to marque bully connected the archetypal committedness of the remasters. Today, a caller acceptable of fixes person been added, alleviating implicit 100 issues spanning each 3 games. Even the cinematic camera that was missing from the archetypal merchandise has been restored. Here's a fewer fixes from the large list:


  • Fixed an contented wherever the rainfall appears nether h2o erstwhile falling
  • Fixed an contented wherever the subordinate was capable to agelong a two-seater conveyance utilizing the car crusher
  • Fixed an contented wherever the ngo rubric would linger connected surface excessively agelong astatine the opening of immoderate mission

Vice City:

  • Fixed a spread successful the crippled satellite adjacent Café Robina
  • Fixed an contented wherever the tube of the minigun did not rotation erstwhile fired
  • Fixed an contented wherever Lance would beryllium duplicated aft restarting the ngo Copland

San Andreas:

  • Fixed a prevention crippled contented astatine the extremity of the ngo Blood Bowl
  • Fixed a missing span successful the Shady Creeks conception of the map
  • Fixed graphical corruption connected CJ’s caput and assemblage during the motel series of the ngo "Reuniting the Families"

You tin spot the full database of fixes connected Rockstar's support tract here. The changes listed are for each versions but Switch, which volition beryllium receiving adjustments successful a fewer days. It conscionable goes to show porting games tin beryllium hard to do, particularly erstwhile the task involves three ample sandbox experiences crossed fractional a twelve platforms. These updates are a immense measurement successful the close absorption to getting these games successful the information they deserve, though I'm definite galore much patches are coming for the GTA trilogy successful the adjacent future.

What person your experiences with GTA The Trilogy been similar since launch? Are these patches fixing your superior gripes oregon are determination different aspects you'd like to spot addressed? Hijack a spot successful the comments and fto america cognize your thoughts.

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