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green juice

Tracy Piper

There are endless ways to marque a greenish juice. Tracy Piper, the laminitis and proprietor of the Piper Center for Internal Wellness successful New York, sticks to combinations of greens with nary effect oregon saccharine vegetables. She makes batches caller for her clients successful New York and anyone fortunate capable to acquisition 1 of her five-day detox retreats upstate. At home, greenish foodstuff is simply a dietary staple: “I’m successful my fifties, truthful I effort to look for vegetables and combinations of vegetables that enactment maine arsenic I age.”

We asked Piper to stock 3 greenish foodstuff recipes she has successful rotation this summer.

Romaine successful the Game

“What I emotion astir this foodstuff is adjacent amateur foodstuff drinkers tin grip it.”

1 clump romaine

8 sprigs parsley

1 clump celery

1 oregon 2 English cucumbers, peeled

1 lemon, peeled

Dill with It

“This humble-looking rootlike is affluent successful flavonoids.”

4 sprigs dill (can add
more if you emotion dill)

1 clump celery

2 English cucumbers, peeled

1 lime, peeled

Cabbage Patch

“Cabbage is the prima here—this beauteous cruciferous rootlike tin assistance enactment a steadfast inflammatory response. I ever accidental yes to cabbage.”

½ greenish cabbage

2 cucumbers, peeled

4 leaves curly kale, destemmed

1 lemon, peeled


Slow juicing is gentle, truthful your foodstuff is better-tasting and much nutritious, without the inclination to abstracted oregon foam. Hurom’s mentation takes the regular compression a measurement further: This exemplary is designed specifically for juicing celery, leafy greens, wheatgrass, and basal vegetables, truthful you get much foodstuff and won’t walk the greeting picking celery strands disconnected the auger. And it handles fruits, nuts, and ail with adjacent finesse—and adjacent makes noodles.




Tracy Piper is the laminitis and proprietor of the Piper Center for Internal Wellness, an integrated holistic wellness attraction installation successful New York City. Piper is simply a licensed massage therapist, a licensed acupuncturist, a Chinese herbologist, and a certified colon hydrotherapist. In the autumn of 2014, she opened the Piper Institute for Internal Fitness successful upstate New York.

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