GTA Online’s Los Santos Tuners Update Is Now Live

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As get ever person to the new-gen launch of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, the second crippled conscionable got a big (and free) contented update that’s present live. Los Santos Tuners speaks to the gearheads and wide car enthusiasts with a caller societal abstraction dedicated to hanging with friends and showing disconnected your rides, much high-stakes heists to propulsion disconnected with your crews, further contention types, and more.

The LS Car Meet is simply a combat-free, underground societal hub wherever up to 30 players tin stitchery and flaunt their prized vehicles. Not lone tin you usage this country to customize your cars, but you tin ticker others bash the aforesaid successful real-time. You tin besides instrumentality vehicles retired for a rotation oregon contention against others connected a caller backstage trial track. The LS Car Meet serves arsenic an perfect spot to amusement disconnected the game's 10 caller vehicles on with different caller rides acceptable to get successful the coming months. Best of all, you tin trial thrust unreleased vehicles during the archetypal fewer weeks of launch. 

The LS Car Meet besides lets players big backstage meets and trial way races, acceptable the determination arsenic a spawn constituent upon starting the game, and Car Meet members who articulation beforehand helium Social Club Crew are rewarded with bonus goodies specified arsenic a Property Crew Emblem for the caller Auto Shops. 

Auto Shops are new, customizable shops players tin get to make other currency portion besides providing a backstage abstraction for tricking retired your rides. Here you tin store up to 10 vehicles, mod your cars, and prosecute mechanics to assistance present vehicles to customers. Auto Shops besides show a useful database of 10 cars to bargain crossed Free Mode (which you tin implicit unsocial oregon with friends) that rewards a large payoff if you negociate to swipe them all. 

Los Santos Tuners besides features six caller multi-part Contracts robbery missions arsenic good arsenic caller contention types for Car Meet members. The Pursuit Series, for example, is simply a postulation of races wherever 4-16 players contention for apical prize portion wanted by the cops. Car Meet members tin gain Car Meet Rep by engaging successful this enactment and others. Garnering capable rep allows players to big invite-only Car Meets and decoration options for their spaces. 

The update besides features the instrumentality of Kenny “Moodymann” Dixon Jr., who enactment unneurotic a caller premix of exclusive tracks from himself arsenic good arsenic artists including Carl Craig, Sama' Abdulhadi, and Luciano. A customizable Radio Wheel, a archetypal for GTA, volition let players to favourite the stations they privation to appear. You tin besides question retired hidden media sticks containing tracks from the Monday Dreamin’ EPs from Rockstars’ CircoLoco Records label. 

Over the coming weeks Rockstar plans to adhd much Contracts, a caller go-kart themed Adversary Mode called Kart Krash: Full Auto, and a caller arcade crippled called Camhedz, a co-op airy weapon shooter. You tin larn the afloat details astir what Los Santos Tuners entails by speechmaking Rockstar’s blog post

While Los Santos Tuners isn’t playable connected the soon-to-be-closed PS3/Xbox 350 versions of GTA Online, it is disposable connected PS4, Xbox One, and PC (with backwards compatibility for new-gen hardware of course). 

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