Hamilton subject to racist attacks after crash

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Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton has been taxable to "multiple instances" of radical maltreatment connected societal media following his arguable thigh 1 clang with Max Verstappen astatine the British Grand Prix.

FIA, Formula 1 and Mercedes-AMG released a associated media connection this day condemning the attacks which surfaced pursuing Hamilton's eventual triumph astatine Silverstone.

"During, and after, yesterday's British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was subjected to aggregate instances of racist maltreatment connected societal media pursuing an in-race collision," the associated connection read.

"Formula 1, The FIA and Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team condemn this behaviour successful the strongest imaginable terms. These radical person nary spot successful our athletics and we impulse that those liable should beryllium held accountable for their actions.

"Formula 1, the FIA, the drivers and the teams are moving to physique a much divers and inclusive sport, and specified unacceptable instances of online maltreatment indispensable beryllium highlighted and eliminated."

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes earlier the sprint for the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain astatine Silverstone. (Getty)

Verstappen, who took the pb from rod position, was nether onslaught from Hamilton done the archetypal fractional of the lap. Hamilton attempted to walk the Red Bull into Copse corner, a close hander astatine astir 300km/h. Hamilton's near beforehand tyre deed Verstappen's close rear, sending the Dutch operator into the barrier.

However, replays showed Hamilton and Verstappen astir side-by-side connected the introduction to the corner, earlier Hamilton appeared to backmost retired slightly.

Hamilton was deed with a 10 2nd punishment during the race, but was inactive capable to retrieve and assertion his first triumph since the Spanish Grand Prix successful aboriginal May, cutting Verstappen's title pb to conscionable 8 points.

Red Bull squad brag Christian Horner was understandably livid astir the accident, laying each the blasted astatine Hamilton's feet.

He was instantly connected the vigor to FIA contention director, Michael Masi, telling the Australian that the "full blasted lies connected Hamilton".

Verstappen collision F1 (Twitter)

"You could person had a monolithic accident. Thank God he's walked away. I anticipation you're going to woody with it appropriately," helium said.

Speaking aft the race, Horner remained unrepentant.

"He stuck a instrumentality up the wrong successful a country that you conscionable cognize that you don't bash that," Horner told Sky Sports.

Speaking instantly aft the race, Hamilton wasn't acceptable to judge blasted for the crash.

"I've not truly seen the footage, I saw a speedy clip of it erstwhile I went backmost to the store but I volition spell backmost and person clip to bespeak connected it," Hamilton said.

The presumption from Lewis Hamilton's car arsenic helium hits Max Verstappen astatine the British Grand Prix. (Sky Sports)

"I don't think, from my existent understanding, that I americium successful a presumption to person to apologise for anything. We were retired determination racing.

"I don't hold with the stewards but I instrumentality my punishment connected the chin and get connected with my job. I americium not going to whine astir it. Everyone is going to person a antithetic sentiment and I don't peculiarly attraction what radical think. I conscionable bash what I bash and I americium conscionable truly grateful for today."

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