High-tech space sleeping bag could stop vision problems in astronauts

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Long spells successful microgravity tin change eyeball shape, but a sleeping container that applies suction to the little assemblage could forestall specified problems

Space 9 December 2021

By Jason Arunn Murugesu

James Leidner spent 3  nights successful  a high-tech sleeping container  that unloads unit   successful  the encephalon  by suctioning fluids into the little   body. NASA hopes the sack tin  beryllium  utilized  by astronauts successful  abstraction  to alleviate the imaginativeness   problems they commonly endure during longer missions.

Volunteers spent 72 hours successful the high-tech sleeping bag

UT Southwestern Medical Center

A sleeping container that mimics the propulsion of gravity could forestall astronauts’ eyes from bulging successful space, reducing the hazard of imaginativeness problems connected long journeys.

About 70 per cent of radical successful abstraction acquisition changes to the signifier of their eyeballs, sometimes affecting their vision.

When we prevarication down connected Earth, determination is simply a threefold summation successful unit wrong the skull due to the fact that our assemblage fluids are redistributed. This unit is usually relieved erstwhile we get up successful the morning, but …

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