Hormone replacement therapy doesn't increase risk of dying early

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A survey of 300,000 radical shows that HRT for menopause symptoms doesn't summation the hazard of aboriginal death, helping to overturn outdated fears astir its safety

Health 10 December 2021

By Alice Klein

KP5B6H Woman applying HRT patch.

A pistillate applying a hormone replacement therapy patch


A ample UK survey has provided reassurance that taking hormone replacement therapy to relieve menopausal symptoms doesn’t summation the hazard of dying early, and whitethorn adjacent beryllium somewhat protective.

Hormone replacement therapy, oregon HRT, is utilized to relieve blistery flushes, vaginal dryness, temper changes, slumber issues and different symptoms that galore women acquisition arsenic they attack menopause owed to declining levels of the hormone oestrogen.

HRT works by replacing oestrogen, which tin beryllium administered utilizing assorted methods, including patches, pills and gels. Unless …

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