How to activate Microsoft Defender Application Guard in Windows 10

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Microsoft Defender Application Guard protects your networks and information from malicious applications moving successful your web browser, but you indispensable instal and activate it first.

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In a erstwhile article, we noted that many of the information features listed arsenic implicit requirements for a palmy Windows 11 installation are already disposable arsenic options successful Windows 10, you conscionable person to crook them connected manually. If you are wondering if your existent Windows 10 PC volition tally Windows 11, activating these information protocols volition springiness you the answers you seek.

Activation for TPM 2.0 and HVCI were explained before, but present we volition look astatine the activation procedures for Microsoft Defender Application Guard in Windows 10. MDAG uses virtualization-based exertion to assistance safeguard your systems from malicious and transgression websites that you sojourn with your enabled web browsers similar Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

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How to activate Microsoft Defender Application Guard

Microsoft Defender Application Guard works by creating an isolated representation lawsuit of your browser. These Hyper-V containers forestall malicious scripts oregon different malware attacks from reaching the interior workings of your Windows 10 operating strategy protecting your networks and your data. MDAG besides works with applications similar Word and Excel moving arsenic portion of a Microsoft 365 productivity environment.

Unfortunately, for Windows 10 Home users, MDAG is included with Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise and Educational versions by default. MDAG is portion of Windows Features for those versions, truthful we volition person to telephone up the Control Panel.

The easiest mode to get to the surface we request is to benignant "windows features" into the hunt container connected your Windows 10 desktop. Be definite to prime the Turn Windows Features On oregon Off point from the hunt results. You should spot a dialog model that looks similar Figure A.

Figure A


Scroll down the database of features until you spot Microsoft Defender Application Guard. Place a cheque successful the checkbox for that point and click the OK button. The MDAG exertion volition instal and past inquire you to reboot to activate.

Now that MDAG is installed and activated, it is clip to cheque its settings. Click oregon pat the Start Menu fastener and prime Settings (gear icon). On the Settings page, prime Update & Security and past prime the Windows Security point from the left-hand navigation bar, arsenic shown successful Figure B.

Figure B


From the close windowpane, click the App & Browser Control point to uncover the surface shown successful Figure C.

Figure C


As you tin spot nether Isolated Browsing, MDAG is moving and moving with Edge to support you from malware.

The information settings nether MDAG are stricter than galore of america are utilized to, truthful you whitethorn find yourself wanting to marque immoderate tweaks. Click the Change Application Guard settings nexus connected this leafage to spot a database of information features that you whitethorn privation to crook connected oregon disconnected depending connected your activity. As you tin spot successful Figure D, by default these imaginable information vulnerabilities are off.

Figure D


The settings connected this leafage are self-explanatory. If you request to people from a website oregon privation to let entree to your camera and microphone, you volition person to travel to this leafage and flip the due switches to the "on" position. Doing truthful volition summation the imaginable information risks, truthful attack these decisions with caution.

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