Intel’s Potential Merger With Global Foundries Is a Smart Deal. Here’s Why.

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Buying GlobalFoundries would springiness Intel respective fabrication plants and a basal of customers.


With a reported $30 cardinal bid for declaration spot shaper GlobalFoundries, Intel appears to beryllium taking its adjacent large measurement connected its program to treble down connected its manufacturing concern nether the leadership of main enforcement Pat Gelsinger.

Shares of Intel (ticker: INTC) ticked down 0.2% to $55.70 successful Friday day trading, arsenic the benchmark PHLX Semiconductor index, oregon Sox, slumped 0.9%.

Adding GlobalFoundries’ capabilities to Intel would correspond advancement successful the company’s plan to go a declaration manufacturer. It would springiness Intel respective caller fabrication plants and a important basal of customers with the income and selling infrastructure indispensable to support gross flowing successful the door.

Baird expert Tristan Gerra called the woody a “highly charismatic worth proposition” and said that 1 of its astir important aspects could beryllium the firm civilization of a foundry concern that is utilized to serving aggregate clients. That is an country wherever Intel lacks expertise.

In addition, GlobalFoundries has semipermanent agreements with customers that would beryllium some instantly invaluable for Intel and progressively lucrative implicit time. Intel has precocious manufacturing capabilities that GlobalFoundries chose not to pursue immoderate years ago, for example. Customers utilizing GlobalFoundries’ older manufacturing tech would person the enactment to modulation to Intel’s advanced, oregon “leading node” processor fabrication techniques, should they request to.

GlobalFoundries customers person included Qualcomm (QCOM), and Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

The woody isn’t apt to reshape the semiconductor industry, but it volition further grow Intel’s home chip-making capableness astatine a politically opportune moment. Congress and the White House person made wide their involvement successful securing capable home chip-manufacturing capacity, which could mean the woody mightiness sail done immoderate regulatory challenges. The national semiconductor propulsion includes $50 cardinal successful incentives to spur home spot accumulation and research.

“There is an knowing that arsenic you go much depending connected 2 countries–and truly that is chiefly Taiwan Semi successful Taiwan–there is simply a hazard to your proviso chain,” said Max Gokhman, caput of plus allocation astatine Pacific Life Fund Advisors. “Especially fixed what China is aiming to perchance bash implicit the agelong term.”

The talks were reported precocious Thursday by The Wall Street Journal, but Baird’s Gerra told Barron’s that the 2 parties person been successful discussions since astatine slightest April, based connected his manufacture contacts’ cognition of the situation. Thursday’s report, helium said, suggests that the imaginable woody is receiving much attraction among upper-echelon executives.

“It doesn’t mean the woody volition beryllium concluded,” helium said. “But surely it means negotiations are ongoing astatine a higher level.”

Intel and GlobalFoundries person declined to comment.

Because GlobalFoundries is intimately held, determination is small publically disposable accusation astir its fiscal performance. A Barron’s hunt of disposable information located a azygous secured indebtedness of $514.5 cardinal taken retired by GlobalFoundries. Gokhman said that loan, acceptable to travel owed successful 2026, wasn’t a important magnitude of leverage for the company.

The dearth of fiscal information makes evaluating the woody difficult. The terms of $30 cardinal is said to beryllium the aforesaid arsenic the valuation nether a program for an archetypal nationalist offering, announced by its existent owner, Global Mubadala Investment, an concern limb of the Abu Dhabi government.

With that successful mind, Gerra said that since caller semiconductor manufacturing plants outgo astir $10 billion, Intel would astir apt beryllium getting a bully deal. GlobalFoundries’ website says it operates plants successful astatine slightest 5 locations astir the world, including 3 successful the U.S.

According to Gerra’s research, GlobalFoundries generates a 20% borderline for net earlier interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

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