Jack Dorsey unveils plans for a Bitcoin developer platform

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The Twitter CEO said that Square’s caller concern would marque it casual to make decentralised fiscal services for Bitcoin

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey revealed connected Twitter past nighttime Square’s plans for a caller business. It volition beryllium a Bitcoin-focused unfastened developer level with the extremity of facilitating the casual instauration of fiscal services that are decentralised, permissionless and non-custodial. A sanction for the caller task is yet to beryllium decided.

The Twitter CEO has agelong been a proponent of Bitcoin, making #bitcoin his Twitter bio. He touted the archetypal cryptocurrency arsenic a way to a fairer system astatine the Bitcoin 2021 league successful Miami. Square already holds Bitcoin connected its equilibrium expanse and Dorsey was rumoured to beryllium considering adding it to Twitter’s arsenic well.

Dorsey’s Square provides fiscal and integer payments services, portion its Cash App allows users to put successful stocks and Bitcoin. In fact, the Square Cash App generated $3.51 billion of Bitcoin gross during the archetypal 4th of 2021.

How is this antithetic from @SqCrypto?” Dorsey tweeted past night. “Square doesn’t springiness absorption to @SqCrypto, lone funding. They chose to enactment connected LDK [Lightning Development Kit], and are doing an unthinkable job! TBD [the new, unnamed business] volition beryllium focused connected creating a level business, and volition unfastened root our enactment on the way.

Last week, Square besides confirmed plans to physique a hardware wallet to bring Bitcoin into the mainstream. Dorsey archetypal projected the wallet successful a Twitter thread successful June, suggesting it should beryllium “assisted self-custody”, mobile friendly, enactment Layer 2 and integrate with Cash App.

Square’s hardware lead, Jesse Dorogusker, confirmed improvement of the wallet a period later, mounting the product’s goals arsenic “bitcoin first, planetary distribution, multisig to execute “assisted-self-custody,” and prioritizing mobile use.”

Development of Square’s caller Bitcoin fiscal services level volition instrumentality a akin approach. As Dorsey explained, “Like our caller #Bitcoin hardware wallet, we’re going to bash this wholly successful the open. Open roadmap, unfastened development, and unfastened source.”

The squad down the caller level volition beryllium built and led by Mike Brock, an experienced bundle technologist and Square’s Strategic Development Lead, who was liable for the improvement of Square’s instant colony capabilities and its Bitcoin product.

Dorsey finished by saying that much accusation connected the task would beryllium fixed soon, including Twitter and GitHub accounts for the caller business.

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