John Bolton Criticizes Biden’s Order to Withdraw Military from Afghanistan

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Former nationalist information advisor John Bolton criticized President Joe Biden’s bid to retreat subject troops from Afghanistan and insisted that the United States had not mislaid the warfare but had simply “walked distant from it.”

“We weren’t defeated,” Bolton told CNN successful an interview. “You person to beryllium defeated to suffer a war. We’ve fixed up due to the fact that we’ve mislaid patience. That’s a bittersweet commentary astir the existent administration, but it’s not a decision for the United States.”

Bolton besides addressed caller remarks from erstwhile President George W. Bush, for whom helium worked successful the State Department astatine the clip of the archetypal U.S. subject penetration of Afghanistan.

Earlier this week, Bush broke his ain precedent of typically avoiding nationalist disapproval of his successors and said the consequences of calling troops backmost location would beryllium “unbelievably bad” for Afghan women and young girls.

“You know, I deliberation it is,” Bush told German quality outlet Deutsche Welle erstwhile asked if the withdrawal is simply a mistake. “I deliberation the consequences are going to beryllium unbelievably bad.”

“I americium acrophobic Afghan women and girls are going to endure unspeakable harm. They are scared,” helium added.

Bush said the drawdown would besides person a deleterious effect connected Afghan interpreters who worked alongside U.S. and NATO troops.

“I deliberation astir each the interpreters and radical that helped not lone US troops, but NATO troops and they’re just, it seems similar they’re conscionable gonna beryllium near down to beryllium slaughtered by these precise brutal people, and it breaks my heart,” Bush said.

Remarking connected Bush’s comments, Bolton called his criticisms “remarkable.”

“It’s however erstwhile presidents ought to behave. He’s tried to enactment retired of politics, and it’s been precise uncommon erstwhile he’s travel guardant and said thing similar the transition you conscionable showed,” Bolton said, adding: “But I deliberation it’s due to the fact that helium remembers 9/11. It’s 20 years agone now, and immoderate radical weren’t born, and a batch of radical don’t retrieve precise well. George W. Bush is ne'er going to hide it. I deliberation those of america who were successful his medication astatine the clip are ne'er going to hide it.”

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