June Sets Monthly Record for Most Migrants to Arrive at U.S. Border

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Politics|The fig of migrants arriving astatine the borderline was the largest successful years.


Migrant families crossed the borderline  adjacent   Yuma, Ariz., past  month.
Credit...Eugene Garcia/Associated Press

Eileen Sullivan

  • July 16, 2021, 7:55 p.m. ET

United States officials said Friday that the fig of migrants arriving astatine the southwestern borderline past period was the largest successful years, a motion that the surge this twelvemonth whitethorn widen into the hotter summertime months erstwhile numbers typically commencement dropping.

According to caller information released by Customs and Border Protection, June besides brought much migrant families to the borderline than immoderate different period since President Biden took office. In all, borderline officials encountered migrants determination 188,829 times, the largest fig successful a azygous period successful caller history.

The fig of migrant children and teenagers arriving astatine the borderline accrued somewhat from May, but the influx has slowed since aboriginal spring, erstwhile a steep surge created Mr. Biden’s archetypal migration situation arsenic president. On average, astir 500 migrant children and teenagers arrived unsocial astatine the borderline successful June, compared with astir 600 a time successful March.

The uptick successful household arrivals successful June inactive falls good abbreviated of the grounds acceptable successful May 2019, erstwhile 84,000 families came. But the increasing wide numbers, and Mr. Biden’s rejection of President Donald J. Trump’s hard-line tactics toward undocumented immigrants, volition soon unit the medication to grapple with vexing argumentation and governmental questions that the nationalist wellness rule, known arsenic Title 42, has mostly allowed it to avoid.

As of Friday, astir 15,000 children were successful authorities shelters overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, according to interior information obtained by The New York Times.

The fig of times that azygous adults tried to participate the state past period was down slightly; they were turned distant nether the nationalist wellness regularisation 82 percent of the time.

According to Customs and Border Protection, 34 percent of each the migrants encountered successful June had tried astatine slightest 1 much clip to participate the state successful the past 12 months. The fig of caller migrants to get astatine the confederate borderline since October is conscionable somewhat little than the past surge successful 2019 during the Trump administration, the bureau said.

Republicans person seized connected the surge successful migration to the confederate borderline — driven successful portion by unit and poorness successful Central America, arsenic it has been for years — and person turned it into a governmental onslaught connected Mr. Biden. The enactment is hoping the contented volition galvanize voters successful midterm elections adjacent year, erstwhile it volition person a accidental to recapture power of the Senate and the House.

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