Koepka's veiled dig at rival's Open woes

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Brooks Koepka couldn't assistance himself.

Speaking aft his 2nd circular astatine the British Open, the four-time large champion trolled rival Bryson DeChambeau pursuing troubles with his driver. DeChambeau openly criticised his nine yesterday aft an opening-round 1-over 70.

In comments helium has present taken back, DeChambeau declared his operator "sucks" but later apologised aft a fiery backlash from shaper Cobra.

Koepka, who finished with 3 consecutive birdies to determination to 5 under, subtly jabbed DeChambeau erstwhile asked astir his round.

"I thought the upwind died down compared to yesterday I didn't deliberation it was arsenic atrocious truthful you tin beryllium a small spot much aggressive. "Drove the shot great," Koepka said connected Golf Channel with a flimsy grin.

"Love my driver. Everything is going truly well."

Koepka past had different spell connected societal media, tweeting connected Saturday morning: "Driving into the weekend!".

DeChambeau went into much item astir his "unprofessional" behaviour pursuing the 2nd round.

"I made a mistake and arsenic clip goes connected I'll look backmost connected this arsenic a increasing infinitesimal for maine personally," DeChambeau said.

"Hopefully I tin marque the close things spell connected from present connected out. I didn't mean it, it was successful a heated concern and I consciousness truly atrocious astir it.

"They enactment incredibly hard and I cognize that. For me, I misspoke and I consciousness truly atrocious astir it. I anticipation we tin determination connected successful the close direction. I cognize we will, I volition accidental and bash each the close things for Cobra-Puma due to the fact that they mean the satellite to me, they person done a batch for me.

DeChambeau says operator 'sucks'

"I'll accidental it again; I'm very, precise sorry. I misspoke successful a heated moment. That got the champion of me. We are moving hard to bash the champion we perchance can."

Dechambeau confirmed his narration with Cobra volition endure the gaffe up.

"They are fine," helium added.

"It's 1 of those things successful the moment. We person been moving for a agelong time, for 4 years, connected the operator and inactive haven't had the nonstop 1 that has it enactment for maine astatine 195mph shot speed.

"We are inactive moving connected it and I cognize we volition get there, it's conscionable going to instrumentality immoderate time. Yesterday I wasn't driving it peculiarly good and it got the champion of maine unfortunately."

Koepka and DeChambeau's moving feud volition beryllium nether the microscope aboriginal this twelvemonth erstwhile some players instrumentality to the people for the USA against Europe successful the Ryder Cup.

Bryson DeChambeau and Brooke Koepka volition beryllium connected the aforesaid squad for the Ryder Cup. (Getty)

"I tin enactment it speech for business. If we're going to beryllium connected the aforesaid team, I tin woody with anybody successful the satellite for a week," Koepka said starring into this weekend's tournament.

"I'm not playing with him. I'm beauteous definite we're not going to beryllium paired together; enactment it that way.

"I don't deliberation we're going to beryllium high-fiving and having late-night conversations. I bash my thing, helium does his thing. We're connected the aforesaid team, but it's not an contented astatine all."

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