L.A. County’s Public Health Chief Discusses the Mask Mandate

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Thursday: A speech with Barbara Ferrer astir however Los Angeles County is grappling with the Delta variant.

Jill Cowan

July 22, 2021, 9:07 a.m. ET


Shopping successful  Santa Monica during the archetypal  time  of the caller   disguise  mandate.
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Good morning.

Last week, precisely a period aft Californians exalted successful the state’s expansive reopening, Los Angeles County officials announced that masks would beryllium required, erstwhile again, successful indoor nationalist settings.

The move, which came successful effect to the explosive dispersed of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, was an affectional setback for Angelenos, who lived with stringent pandemic restrictions for much than a year.

Case rates person been climbing astatine an alarming pace, and determination are millions of Los Angeles County residents who person yet to beryllium vaccinated.

I spoke with Barbara Ferrer, the county’s nationalist wellness director, astir what’s up and wherefore her bureau decided to instrumentality to mandatory indoor masking. Here’s our conversation, lightly edited and condensed.

First, Dr. Ferrer, tin you explicate wherefore it was indispensable to enactment successful spot the mandate alternatively than continuing with disguise guidance? You told my workfellow a mates of weeks ago that you didn’t mean to “return to lockdown oregon much disruptive mandates.” What changed?

I conjecture I would commencement by saying we don’t see wearing masks a disruptive mandate astatine all. Some radical mightiness beryllium inconvenienced by it, but it doesn’t disrupt customary concern processes.

We were hopeful that much radical would disguise indoors with the recommendation. With the Delta variant, the concern has changed. I don’t deliberation we’d spot a surge successful cases without the Delta variant.

All along, this section has been precise wide we’re recommending masking indoors due to the fact that of what we’ve been seeing successful different countries with this variant.

Now that we cognize more, it’s clip to mandate masks indoors. This is successful enactment with however we’ve been approaching mitigating the devastating effects of this microorganism with the grounds astatine hand.

We had much than 2,500 caller cases today. Test positivity is 5.2 percent. All of these numbers bespeak behaviors and actions radical took 2 weeks ago.

We were conscionable urging radical to deterioration masks indoors to debar these large surges. But it volition instrumentality america different mates of weeks astatine slightest to commencement seeing the benefits.

What are you looking for successful presumption of being successful a spot wherever it’s harmless to assistance the mandate, if not the masking guidance? How agelong bash you deliberation that volition take?

It’s a large question. We made the determination erstwhile assemblage transmission moved from a mean level to a important level of transmission. We’re astir to determination to wide transmission.

We’d similar to get backmost to a much mean threshold of assemblage transmission, astatine which constituent we’ll beryllium comfortable.

It volition bespeak that a batch of radical adhered to the masking mandate. But getting much radical vaccinated is inactive the astir effectual mode of reducing transmission. So it volition instrumentality both.

Do you deliberation it’ll beryllium weeks? A month? Months?

It’s hard to say. It’s by acold the astir infectious variant we’ve ever seen; you extremity up with much breakthrough cases due to the fact that it’s a much infectious variant.

I privation to commend everyone present who’s gotten vaccinated. That’s 69 percent of radical 12 and older.

But that inactive leaves america with astir 4 cardinal people, including astir 1.3 cardinal due to the fact that they’re nether the property of 12. The fig of radical susceptible is immense successful L.A. County.

How overmuch is the indoor masking mandate meant to forestall the microorganism from spreading among unvaccinated Angelenos versus preventing those who’ve been vaccinated from getting sick?

I deliberation it’s both. You don’t privation a batch of assemblage transmission due to the fact that it leads to much mutations. As we’ve seen with the Delta variant, portion vaccines are ace powerful, they’re reduced. But the nonaccomplishment of beingness and the astir terrible wellness consequences are experienced by acold by unvaccinated people.

Many of them are truly scared. These aren’t brainsick radical who are conscionable being obstinate. Before we disregard radical arsenic being wholly irresponsible, galore really can’t get vaccinated for wellness reasons. We each person to perpetrate ourselves to helping radical who person concerns successful bid to marque progress.

I bash deliberation it volition assistance erstwhile the F.D.A. afloat approves this vaccine. It volition assistance much backstage businesses to necessitate vaccines, peculiarly if they’re serving high-risk people.

Are you acrophobic astatine each astir undermining spot successful the vaccine oregon spot successful nationalist wellness officials if radical person been told they’re overmuch safer and tin instrumentality to immoderate benignant of mean erstwhile they’re vaccinated?

I admit that question. I privation beingness were simpler. Everybody would emotion for america to accidental 1 happening and instrumentality to it for 5 months, but the accusation we person perpetually changes. We each person to admit the world we’re surviving in.

This is simply a caller virus. Every clip we person a caller detonation attributed to the caller variant, we’re benignant of starting implicit successful the consciousness that we person to measure however it’s interacting with quality beings.

A batch of folks bent onto the optics: Take disconnected your mask, to amusement we’re truly harmless again. That was ne'er true. Absolutely, radical who are afloat vaccinated person overmuch much protection, but we’re going to proceed to person variants. That is our reality.

The champion we tin bash is get bully accusation retired that’s truly transparent astir what the information is telling america erstwhile things commencement changing.

I volition accidental for the record, arsenic well, L.A. County has ever thought radical should proceed to deterioration masks indoors.

Most of america who got vaccinated, we didn’t get vaccinated to instrumentality disconnected our masks. We got vaccinated to support steadfast and to get backmost to doing the things we love.


Credit...Jenna Schoenefeld for The New York Times

Does the section person immoderate plans to, say, let businesses to fto patrons instrumentality disconnected their masks if those businesses instrumentality a vaccine cheque program? That’s a large portion of wherefore the authorities rolled retired its integer vaccine cards — to let businesses to bash that, right?

I’m precise unfastened to figuring retired if determination are alternatives.

Science has to usher immoderate of these decisions. If you’re indoors successful a country with afloat vaccinated people, your hazard of getting sick oregon passing connected corruption to others is very, precise tiny — overmuch smaller than if you’re successful a country and you’re vaccinated but not everybody is.

In your house, successful your ain societal settings, you person overmuch little hazard due to the fact that you cognize people. But nationalist places we haven’t figured out. Ultimately, though, we privation to deterioration these masks now, get assemblage transmission debased and instrumentality a disguise mandate disconnected the table.

Should this proceed longer than we’d like, we speech to businesses and we’re unfastened to doing what makes sense.

Is determination a constituent wherever you mightiness request to adjacent down, say, performance venues that are reopening?

I anticipation not. We can’t definitively instrumentality thing disconnected the table. But determination would person to beryllium bonzer circumstances.

More likely, we’d enactment with venues connected requiring folks to either get tested oregon amusement vaccination.

I don’t spot america going backmost to lockdowns, hopefully. We person vaccines now. Last clip we had nary vaccines.

Can you speech a spot astir however you’re trying to get much radical vaccinated?

This week we person 329 mobile teams retired there. We proceed to summation that mobile capacity. If you’re a business, if you’re a assemblage provider, if you say, “We’ve got 10 radical who mightiness privation it,” we’ll amusement up.

We’ve got radical going doorway to door. We person a immense inaugural with houses of worship. We’re moving with solo signifier aesculapian providers connected getting them done the vaccine support process. It’s overmuch easier to instrumentality your kid oregon young teen to your supplier to get vaccinated.

We’re moving truly hard with businesses that employment hourly wage workers to get them to merchandise employees to travel get vaccinated. We’ve incentivized it with programs for making up for mislaid wages if that’s the benignant of employment you have. We person a assemblage ambassador programme for radical to speech to their ain friends and family, a pupil ambassador program, a genitor ambassador program.

We’re trying to marque definite radical person entree to bully information. I deliberation astatine this point, for galore people, it is astir relationships with the radical they’re getting accusation from. One of the worst things tin bash is trash radical who haven’t travel successful for vaccination.

Social media hasn’t been a person successful galore ways. We speech to radical and hear truthful overmuch misinformation. These are myths that person taken connected a beingness of their own.

I admit the frustrations immoderate afloat vaccinated radical have. But I deliberation we request to determination guardant with kindness, with appreciation, with understanding. I deliberation it’s a strategy question astatine this point.

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