London cat 'serial killer' was just foxes, DNA analysis confirms

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Environment 9 December 2021

By Jason Arunn Murugesu

Red fox successful  an municipality  thoroughfare  during the aboriginal  greeting  prima   light

Foxes are notorious scavengers

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Between 2014 and 2018, much than 300 mutilated feline carcasses were recovered connected London streets, starring to sensational media reports that a feline-targeting serial slayer was connected the loose. The information that the cats often had their heads oregon tails chopped off, arsenic good arsenic the cleanliness of the wounds, led galore to fishy quality involvement. Others dismissed the suggestion, pointing the digit astatine foxes instead.

To find retired more, Henny Martineau astatine the Royal Veterinary College successful the UK and her colleagues analysed 32 mutilated feline carcasses recovered by the nationalist betwixt 2016 and 2018. The bodies had been stored by the Hertfordshire and Metropolitan constabulary forces arsenic portion of an investigation.

The researchers conducted post-mortem examinations connected the cats, arsenic good arsenic CT scans. They besides swabbed the cats’ fur to trial whether they could find DNA belonging to different animals specified arsenic dogs, foxes oregon badgers.

The constabulary struggled to pinpoint the existent slayer of the cats due to the fact that of however antithetic each the carcasses looked, says Martineau. “In our study, determination were 13 antithetic combinations of missing assemblage parts, truthful it was hard to spot patterns initially.”

Testing for DNA, the researchers concluded that the cats had each been mutilated by foxes aft they had died. The post-mortem introspection revealed that determination was nary azygous origin of decease among the cats. They fishy that conscionable 10 of the 32 cats they analysed were killed by foxes.

Meanwhile, 8 astir apt died from earthy bosom oregon lung failure, portion six astir apt died aft being deed by a vehicle. The findings reenforce the conclusions made by the Metropolitan Police successful 2018.

Martineau suspects the crushed that galore of the cats’ tails and heads were chopped disconnected is due to the fact that foxes person a anemic jaw and scavenge alone. “So they are going to people areas that are casual to remove,” she says.

The deficiency of humor connected the edges of cats’ wounds tin besides beryllium explained by foxes. “The mutilation occurred aft the carnal had died truthful it would not beryllium bleeding aft death,” she says.

“It is hard to accidental however galore foxes were involved, I guess, but it is imaginable this was lone constricted to 1 oregon a fewer individuals that figured retired cats could beryllium food,” says Kevin Parsons astatine the University of Glasgow successful the UK.

“Croydon is connected the borderline of London truthful it whitethorn beryllium happening owed to caller interactions and encroachments,” helium says. “But it could besides beryllium that these are ‘badly behaved’ foxes for the clip being and specified behaviours volition yet beryllium selectively removed from the colonisation arsenic we stay successful contact.”

Journal reference: Veterinary Pathology, DOI: 10.1177/03009858211052661

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