Maguire denies rampant Wests Tigers whispers

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Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire has dismissed reports that the nine is trying to offload maligned multimillion-dollar halfback Luke Brooks.

Multiple publications had reported this week that the nine had begun gauging the involvement of rival clubs successful Brooks for adjacent season, contempt the information the 26-year-old is contracted to the Tigers until the extremity of 2023.

Maguire changeable down the whispers erstwhile asked by big Mark Levy connected Wide World of Sports' 2GB vigor tonight.

"Luke Brooks' sanction popped up yesterday suggesting the nine was buying him astir to perchance different teams. Is that true, Madge?" Levy said.

"No, it's not," a blunt Maguire replied.

Wests Tigers halfback Luke Brooks. (NRL Photos)

Levy prodded.

"So he's committed agelong word to the Tigers?"

Maguire began to laugh.

"That's been a regular speech since I've been present for the past 2 oregon 3 years. I dunno, it conscionable keeps doing the rounds."

If Brooks remains astatine the Tigers he'll beryllium successful a conflict with incoming Great Britain planetary Jackson Hastings for the club's No.7 jumper successful 2022.

Hastings played 47 games with the Roosters and Sea Eagles betwixt 2014 and 2018 and, aft signing a two-year woody with the Tigers successful April, helium is acceptable to again trial himself successful the NRL.

Brooks' signifier has regularly copped fierce disapproval from rugby league experts since his 2013 debut.

Comparisons were drawn betwixt Brooks and rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns aboriginal successful his career, which the playmaker said affected his mindset and game.

The Tigers are zeroing successful connected a clash with Manly successful Brisbane connected Saturday, successful a crippled that's acceptable to reignite the celebrated 'fibros-versus-silvertails' rivalry.

Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire. (Getty)

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