Market highlights December 8: Tezos gained 28%, tech stocks propel Wall Street

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The crypto marketplace shows tentative signs of betterment today. Visa announced that it volition beryllium providing consulting and advisory services to assistance its clients successful navigating the tract of crypto assets. Money manager Jason Ader volition beryllium submitting plans for a casino successful the New York area, which would see a immense cryptocurrency trading floor.

Wall Street’s indices soared higher yesterday, with the NASDAQ100 leading the mode up 3% arsenic investors piled backmost into exertion stocks.

Top cryptos

Cardano was down astir 6% successful the past 24 hours and has fallen astir 40% successful the past month. Other large cryptos registering losses see Solana, down astir 4%, BNB down much than 2%, and XRP, which slid 1.5%. Bitcoin registered tiny losses, but was trading supra $50,000 astatine clip of writing.

After immoderate losses, Uniswap is backmost connected track. The fashionable trading protocol’s precise ain cryptocurrency has gained 3% today. It is presently changing hands for conscionable nether $18. 

Top movers

Outside the apical twenty, Chainlink gained 12%, EOS gained 14%, and Kadena mislaid 10%, reversing yesterday’s gains.  

Tezos is easy 1 of today’s biggest marketplace winners, having gained conscionable nether 28%. It is rallying connected quality of Ubisoft launching NFTs connected the Tezos network. It is presently trading for $5.44. 

BitTorrent gained much than 50% yesterday and is up different 9.74% today. Its gains implicit the past 7 days magnitude to 23%.  

At 5 americium UTC this morning, the terms of Axie Infinity abruptly spiked. It has been gaining steadily ever since.


Cocos-BCX terms contiguous is astir $3 with a 24-hour trading measurement of $277.5 million. The metaverse token gained 33.59% successful the past 24 hours.

ElonFlokiInu, 1 of a myriad of meme coins related to Elon Musk, has gained 900% today.   

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