Michigan AG Dana Nessel Is Investigating Big Lie Pushing Republicans For Fraud

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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is investigating Republicans who nett disconnected of the large prevarication for fraud.


Michigan AG Dana Nessel is going aft Republicans who nett disconnected of the large prevarication for committing fraud. pic.twitter.com/eXXlcaSi5b

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 17, 2021

AG Nessel said connected MSNBC:

In speaking with the Republican legislator who shares the oversight committee successful the Michigan authorities legislature he indicated to maine arsenic overmuch arsenic they looked astatine implicit 8 months and had many witnesses travel successful and testify and look astatine a fig of documents they were incapable to find immoderate grounds astatine each of election fraud. 

However, they did find different types of fraud, and erstwhile I say that I mean mendacious pretenses when they saw radical profiteering off the lies and precise troubling to them due to the fact that legislator McBroom believed that it was incorrect and stealing fundamentally the same way to marketplace a merchandise and if you were to merchantability a merchandise and say portion this potion and you lose weight. You look 10 years younger. Prevents Covid. If you cognize that nary of those things are existent you have committed mendacious pretenses but how’s that antithetic than these attorneys oregon different individuals who accidental donate to maine and springiness me money and beryllium there’s election fraud when they cognize that there is not. It’s not immoderate antithetic truthful those are the types to investigate. 

Republicans who propulsion the large prevarication for nett volition beryllium held accountable successful Michigan. This needs to beryllium the norm crossed the state arsenic pushing the large prevarication has go a cottage manufacture among the Trumpers successful the Republican Party.

One of the ways to halt the large prevarication astir the predetermination from spreading is to instrumentality distant the fiscal inducement from those who are trying to destruct ideology for profit.

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