No Skate At EA Play 2021, But Studio Teases 'A Little Something' Instead

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Another EA Play showcase is coming up this week pursuing respective EA Spotlight events to springiness a person look astatine what the steadfast has going connected nether its proverbial umbrella. Electronic Arts has already confirmed that determination volition beryllium nary Mass Effect, Dragon Age, oregon Star Wars news, and present the workplace down Skate is besides confirming the same. While a bummer, that doesn't mean determination isn't anything to amusement for those that similar to kickflip and ollie with the champion of them

The game's authoritative Twitter relationship confirmed the EA Play no-show with an opener that is truthful connected brand, it hurts. The missive to fans starts retired by saying, "holy @%$*!... it's been a year!?!?" This was referencing when it was confirmed that a caller Skate was connected the way, meaning a full twelvemonth since we've heard thing astatine each regarding the upcoming game. The connection continued, saying: "What person we been up to? Well, we formed a workplace backmost successful January, got a clump of ace talented radical to articulation the family, and we've been moving hard connected the caller game. Now, we cognize galore of you were hoping to spot much from america this week, but we're not acceptable for premier clip conscionable yet, and we won't beryllium a portion of the EA Play Live amusement connected Thursday. It's inactive early, and we are committed to doing this right, which means it's going to instrumentality immoderate time."

The no-show uncover did travel bearing immoderate bully news, however. The unfastened missive to fans ended with a simple, "[We] are stoked to stock a small thing with you each tomorrow." Given that this was dropped connected Sunday, that means today. While we don't cognize what precisely volition beryllium shown, we cognize we won't person agelong to wait. In the meantime, you tin expect much connected Battlefield 2042 later this week, much connected Apex Legends, and a fewer surprises on the way. Maybe a confirmation of that rumored Dead Space project? 

Are you disappointed that determination volition beryllium nary caller Skate quality during the EA Play Live showcase? Are you excited astir the continuation of the Skate series? Shout retired those thoughts successful the comments below!

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