‘Not Since World War II’: How a 4th-Generation Car Dealer Is Handling a Historic Price Storm

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The terms of utilized cars was a standout successful this week's Consumer Price Index.


HARLINGEN, Texas—Jacob Boggus has ne'er seen thing similar this. The wide manager of a Ford dealership successful the Rio Grande Valley has been successful the car concern for a decade, but the dealership has been successful his household since 1933. So Boggus asked his gramps if he’d ever experienced conditions similar today’s chaotic swings successful terms and request for caller and utilized cars. “And helium said ‘not since World War II.’”

Consumer Price Index figures released this week showed the largest one-month leap successful prices since June 2008. The culprit down the surge successful ostentation was somewhat unexpected: Used cars and trucks were liable for a important information of the increase. A planetary semiconductor shortage has bedeviled the car manufacture for months. New vehicles tin beryllium hard to find, driving up prices for utilized ones.

Barron’s is having conversations with concern operators caught successful the mediate of the shortage economy. In his bureau astatine the Boggus Ford dealership, decorated by yellowish post-it notes filled with reminders, Boggus said the chip shortage has chopped supply. But determination are plentifulness of buyers.

“With each the authorities stimulus and pent up request from past year, it’s benignant of a brainsick tempest of debased proviso and extra-high demand. The spot shortage has surely accrued the values of the utilized cars… and created the debased proviso of new. So we’ve seen immoderate vehicles summation successful terms upward of 20, 30% successful a substance of a fewer weeks.”

New cars are selling for arsenic overmuch arsenic $5,000 supra sticker price, Boggus said. Used cars are going for arsenic overmuch arsenic 110% of their marketplace value. 

“It’s not that we’re trying to gouge, it’s that we cognize we can’t merchantability arsenic galore caller cars truthful we’re having to support a gross level that tin enactment the business, enactment the people, without having to laic anybody off… On the utilized car broadside it’s truly not immoderate antithetic due to the fact that you’re buying the cars much costly and you’re selling them much expensive. The in-between isn’t that overmuch much than it utilized to be, it’s conscionable that the request is there.”

These caller challenges are changing the Boggus family’s strategies for acquiring inventory. A monolithic banner successful beforehand of the dealership reads, “SELL US YOUR VEHICLE, NO NEED TO BUY!” 

Boggus says they’re besides buying disconnected the thoroughfare more, turning to online services similar Kelley Blue Book, and asking employees to advertise their eagerness to bargain utilized cars. “We’re moving each space we tin truthful we tin capable our utilized car inventory and marque up for the request and sales.”

No magnitude of astute concern tactics tin assistance Boggus banal up connected caller cars; the semiconductor shortage is simply retired of the dealership’s control. But helium doesn’t deliberation these conditions volition past forever. His forecast:

“I bash deliberation the bubble is going to burst successful presumption of the valuation aspect, but I don’t deliberation the bubble is going to burst successful presumption of the demand. I deliberation radical are inactive going to beryllium buying utilized cars. I conscionable don’t deliberation they’re going to beryllium arsenic overvalued arsenic they are today.”

If there’s 1 happening an intergenerational concern knows, it’s however to adapt. Boggus is already readying and looking up past the shortage, to guarantee that the concern survives for aboriginal generations to come. 

“We don’t privation to beryllium caught holding the container erstwhile the proviso increases and present we person a utilized car inventory that’s going to depreciate overnight. We request to beryllium precise cautious successful however overmuch we’re stocking successful utilized and however overmuch we’re paying for it, due to the fact that different we’re going to beryllium stuck with an overly exaggerated worth connected each these cars and it’s going to beryllium precise costly for us.”

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