Psychonauts 2 – New Gameplay Today

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Back successful 2005, the archetypal Psychonauts stood arsenic 1 of the amended platformers connected the market. Its bizarre yet humorous satellite is populated with absorbing characters and an engaging story, wrapped wrong a amusive usage of platforming and originative psychic powers. But platforming mechanics person travel a agelong mode since then and fans person been clamoring to cognize much astir what happens to Raz and institution since the Rhombus of Ruin VR title.

That each changes this August, arsenic developer Double Fine is acceptable to instrumentality to the satellite of Psychonauts and bring its iconic platformer to the modern property of video games. In Psychonauts 2, fans volition beryllium introduced to caller powers, brains to explore, and a deeper dive into Raz's past arsenic helium sets retired to prevention the enactment he's dreamed of being a portion of.

If that sounds up your alley, past you've travel to the close place. Join Blake Hester and Alex Stadnik arsenic they locomotion you done the latest levels they got to spell hands-on with and explicate what works and what doesn't successful Double Fine's instrumentality to the bid that started it all. On apical of the marque caller looks astatine immoderate antecedently unseen playspaces, we'll besides beryllium highlighting our acquisition with the caller abilities and combat encounters arsenic well!

Longtime fans of the bid volition person their patience paid disconnected arsenic Psychonauts 2 is acceptable to motorboat connected August 25 for Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC. If that's inactive excessively agelong of a hold for you and you're needing to cognize much astir Double Fine's adjacent adventure, past you're successful the close place. Be definite to cheque retired our cover story connected Psychonauts 2, wherever we amusement disconnected immoderate of the game's newest abilities, a caller look astatine 1 of the brains players volition explore, and however the developer is handling the delicate contented of mental health.

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