Republicans Think They Have Found The Anti-Christ And It’s Mike Pence

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Mike Pence joined Trump’s summons arsenic a way to the presidency, but aft 1 word arsenic VP, immoderate Republicans deliberation he’s the anti-Christ.

Politico reported:

Many Iowa Republicans had seen the results of the astir caller Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll, released conscionable days earlier, successful which Pence flatlined, drafting nary much than 1 percent support. Before that, they’d watched the video of Pence getting heckled and called a “traitor” astatine a large gathering of conservatives successful Florida past month.

“I don’t ideate he’d person a full batch of support,” said Raymond Harre, vice seat of the GOP successful eastbound Iowa’s Scott County. “There are immoderate Trump supporters who deliberation he’s the anti-Christ.”

Mike Pence Is The Anti-Christ Because He Wouldn’t Do The Impossible And Overturn The Election.

Mike Pence could not person overturned the predetermination if helium wanted to. He has nary power. His relation successful the predetermination certification process was ceremonial, but due to the fact that Trump acceptable those expectations and Pence didn’t bash the impossible, his governmental vocation is over.

Mike Pence Is Getting What He Deserves

Pence was a serial liar during the Trump administration, whose lies were captious to covering up respective Trump scandals. Pence helped termination Americans by lying astir the occupation that Trump was doing during the pandemic.

Mike Pence built his vocation by cynically appealing to evangelicals. Trump utilized Pence’s presumption to solidify his clasp connected the Republican Party successful 2016 and past proceeded to bash what helium does best, ruin the lives of the radical astir him for his ain gain.

Pence sold himself retired to Donald Trump, and present helium is getting what helium deserves by seeing his governmental vocation ruined, and in the eyes of immoderate Republicans, the achromatic evangelical panderer is the anti-Christ.

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