Solar Ash Launch Trailer Features Fast-Paced Traversal, Big Bosses, Beautiful Visuals, And More

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Solar Ash is owed retired tomorrow, December 2, connected PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC, and what amended mode to physique the hype than with a caller motorboat trailer. 

Heart Machine conscionable released the motorboat trailer for Solar Ash contiguous and if you’ve been keeping up with this crippled since its announcement backmost successful 2020, past you already cognize this trailer features beauteous creation and sound, and of course, highly memorable locales. These locations not lone diagnostic stunning imagery successful creation but monolithic colossus-like creatures that capable the abstraction and supply on-the-go platforms for Solar Ash’s main protagonist, Rei. 

As you tin spot successful the trailer above, a spooky narrator warns that “you can’t prevention anyone, adjacent yourself,” successful an ominous dependable that's present throughout. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Solar Ash, it’s the latest crippled from Heart Machine, the developer down Hyper Light Drifter. It’s being published by Annapurna Interactive, which often means you’re successful for a dainty of a game. In it, you power Rei, a spacefaring spelunker who explores alien planets for resources, artifacts, and much portion traversing environments done rollerskating-like mechanics. Rei’s satellite past becomes threatened by a monolithic achromatic spread known arsenic the Ultra Void (which you tin spot successful the trailer) which she indispensable marque her mode done it successful bid to prevention each that she knows. 

Solar Ash was primitively owed retired October 26, but it was delayed to December 2 to springiness Heart Machine much clip to polish the crippled and squash bugs. While waiting for tomorrow, cheque retired Game Informer’s interrogation with immoderate of the Solar Ash developers and past watch this trailer archetypal shown during E3 2021

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