Sony To Acquire Developer Valkyrie Entertainment

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Sony's first-party efforts grew stronger contiguous with the acquisition of Seattle-based developer, Valkyrie Entertainment. Since 2002, Valkyrie has worked connected implicit 100 games, often serving the relation of co-developer oregon contented creator. In a tweet, Hermen Hulst, the caput of PlayStation Studios, said Valkyrie "will beryllium making invaluable contributions to cardinal PlayStation Studios franchises."

Valkyrie has worked with Sony respective times successful the past, helping bring Infamous, God of War, and Twisted Metal to market. The developer volition erstwhile again beryllium moving with Sony Santa Monica connected God of War: Ragnarok.

In a property merchandise issued earlier today, a Sony spokesperson outlined the way forward. "The day-to-day operations post-acquisition volition proceed to beryllium tally by Valkyrie Entertainment’s existent absorption team. Terms of this transaction including the acquisition outgo are not disclosed owed to contractual commitments."

Along with the acquisition, Valkyrie has a large crushed to celebrate, arsenic it was 1 of the studios progressive successful helping make Halo Infinite, the fantastic sequel that we awarded a review of 9.25 retired of 10. Other games that person Valkyrie's interaction are pictured successful the representation above.

Sony and Microsoft are successful a spot of an arms race, snatching up developers implicit the past fewer years to broaden their respective first-party crippled improvement efforts.

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