Tally grows as Olympic athletes test positive

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The athlete's colony successful Tokyo.

A 3rd jock astatine the Olympic Village successful Tokyo has tested affirmative for COVID-19, with the Czech Republic squad reporting the lawsuit Monday of a formation volleyball subordinate who could miss his archetypal game.

The affirmative lawsuit of an American gymnast, who was not identified and is an alternate connected the women's team, besides was confirmed by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Olympic champion Simone Biles was not affected by the result, nor were immoderate of the different golden medal favorites connected the team.

Czech formation volleyball subordinate Ondřej Perušič could miss his opening crippled connected Monday aft a PCR trial confirmed his infection. Perušič and his playing spouse are owed to the statesman their Olympic programme against a squad from Latvia.

Czech squad person Martin Doktor said successful a connection they would inquire to postpone the crippled until the infected subordinate is cleared to play.

The athlete's colony successful Tokyo. (AP)

Perušič, who said helium has been vaccinated, is the 2nd subordinate of the Czech delegation to trial affirmative successful Tokyo aft a squad official's lawsuit was reported Saturday.

He is the 3rd jock who was staying astatine the colony to trial positive. Two South African men's shot players had their COVID-19 cases announced Sunday.

The players and a squad video expert who tested affirmative 1 time earlier were moved to the "isolation facility" managed by the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee.

Their 21 adjacent contacts astir the South Africa squad present look other scrutiny earlier their archetypal crippled Thursday against Japan successful Tokyo. The monitoring authorities includes regular testing, traveling successful a dedicated vehicle, grooming separately from teammates not affected and being confined to their rooms for meals.

"Although you are a adjacent contact, you are capable to bash the minimum that you request to bash truthful that you tin proceed your mentation for the Games portion you are being monitored," said Pierre Ducrey, the Olympic Games operations director.

Earlier Monday, earlier the Czech lawsuit was reported, Tokyo Olympic organizers confirmed 3 caller COVID-19 cases, including a media idiosyncratic arriving successful Tokyo and a Games staffer oregon authoritative successful the Chiba prefecture.

Both people, who were not identified, went into a 14-day quarantine, organizers said.

The Tokyo metropolitan authorization reported 727 caller COVID-19 cases Monday, which was the 30th consecutive time the tally was higher than the erstwhile week. The number was 502 past Monday.

The games unfastened Friday with nary fans successful astir each lawsuit venues, including astatine the opening ceremony, amid a authorities of exigency successful Tokyo, and a slower than hoped for vaccine rollout. Japanese authorities said Monday 21.6% of the nation's 126 cardinal colonisation is afloat vaccinated.

The full of Games-related infections was officially 58 since July 1 earlier the 2 caller cases were announced. They should beryllium added to the authoritative tally connected Tuesday.

These resulted from 22,000 radical arriving successful Japan since July 1 with 4,000 of those staying successful the village, Ducrey said. About 11,000 athletes are scheduled to vie astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

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