Texas Urges Supreme Court to Leave Its Restrictive Abortion Law in Place

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The Biden medication had asked the tribunal to artifact the law. State officials called the petition procedurally flawed, saying the tribunal was powerless to assistance it.

Demonstrators successful  Washington supporting termination  rights this month.
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Adam Liptak

Oct. 21, 2021, 3:16 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — Texas’ lawyer wide urged the Supreme Court connected Thursday to permission the state’s restrictive termination instrumentality successful place, saying that the national authorities was not entitled to situation it.

If the justices are nevertheless inclined to perceive the Justice Department’s petition that they artifact the instrumentality portion ineligible challenges proceed, wrote Ken Paxton, the state’s lawyer general, they should usage the lawsuit to overrule Roe v. Wade and to destruct the law close to abortion.

The authorities law, which has been successful effect since Sept. 1, bans astir abortions aft six weeks and makes nary exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape oregon incest. Abortion clinics successful Texas person mostly stopped performing the procedure, requiring women seeking abortions to question retired of state.

The law, known arsenic Senate Bill 8, was intended to evade reappraisal successful national court. It barred authorities officials from enforcing the instrumentality and deputized backstage individuals to writer anyone who performed an termination oregon assisted with it successful immoderate way, including by providing counseling, fiscal assistance oregon a thrust to the clinic.

Successful plaintiffs are entitled to damages of astatine slightest $10,000 and outgo of their ineligible fees. Defendants indispensable carnivore their ain ineligible fees whether they triumph oregon lose.

Mr. Paxton wrote that the law’s operation tied the justices’ hands.

“At bottom, the national government’s ailment is that S.B. 8 is hard to efficaciously enjoin,” Mr. Paxton wrote. “But determination is nary request that a authorities constitute its laws specified that they tin beryllium easy enjoined.”

It would beryllium a unsafe thing, helium added, to let the national authorities to situation authorities laws to which it objected. “The United States’ suit against Texas is bonzer successful its breadth and consequence, having an interaction connected precedents that person existed acold longer than immoderate close to termination has been recognized,” helium wrote.

Mr. Paxton contested the Justice Department’s assertion that the authorities instrumentality was astatine likelihood with Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, decisions successful which the tribunal said that the Constitution forbids states from banning abortions earlier fetal viability, oregon astir 22 to 24 weeks.

“Merely creating the imaginable for liability for immoderate abortions is not a ban,” Mr. Paxton wrote. The lone crushed galore women successful Texas cannot get abortions, helium wrote, “is that termination providers take not to supply them due to the fact that they bash not privation to litigate their liability successful a authorities tribunal nether a statute they deem unconstitutional.”

After devoting astir of his little to procedural arguments astir wherefore the Justice Department lacked the quality to writer to artifact the law, Mr. Paxton took purpose astatine the starring precedents, asking the tribunal to overrule them if it decides to see the department’s application.

“Properly understood, the Constitution does not support a close to elective abortion,” helium wrote, adding, “If it reaches the merits, the tribunal should overturn Roe and Casey.”

Last month, successful a bitterly divided 5-to-4 decision, the Supreme Court rejected an exigency request from termination providers successful Texas to artifact the instrumentality portion the providers’ ineligible situation moved forward. In an unsigned sentiment successful that abstracted lawsuit, the bulk cited “complex and novel” procedural obstacles to blocking the instrumentality and stressed that it was not ruling connected the constitutionality of the law.

The bulk wrote that its ruling “in nary mode limits different procedurally due challenges to the Texas law, including successful Texas authorities courts.” Officials successful Texas person said that providers tin situation the instrumentality by violating it, getting sued and asserting the law’s unconstitutionality arsenic portion of their defense.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. joined the court’s 3 much wide members successful dissent.

The Justice Department past filed its ain situation to the law, 1 that it said was not taxable to the procedural barriers the providers had faced.

On Oct. 6, Judge Robert L. Pitman of the Federal District Court successful Austin ruled for the national government, granting it a preliminary injunction forbidding the state, its officials and backstage individuals acting successful performance with them from enforcing the law.

“That different courts whitethorn find a mode to debar this decision is theirs to decide,” helium wrote. “This tribunal volition not authorisation 1 much time of this violative deprivation of specified an important right.”

An injunction was an due response, Judge Pitman wrote, to a instrumentality that some violated the Constitution and was drafted to evade judicial review.

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“Fully alert that depriving its citizens of this close by nonstop authorities enactment would beryllium flagrantly unconstitutional,” helium wrote, “the authorities contrived an unprecedented and transparent statutory strategy to bash conscionable that.”

A divided three-judge sheet of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, successful New Orleans, stayed Judge Pitman’s ruling, reinstating the law. The Justice Department past filed an application asking the Supreme Court to assistance the stay.

In their abstracted suit, the termination providers, aft losing a archetypal circular successful the Supreme Court, filed a caller petition past month, asking the justices to perceive their situation quickly, bypassing the appeals court, utilizing a process called “certiorari earlier judgment.”

That process is seldom used, typically successful cases involving nationalist crises similar President Harry S. Truman’s seizure of the alloy manufacture and President Richard M. Nixon’s refusal to crook implicit portion recordings to a peculiar prosecutor.

The providers said the tribunal should usage the process to determine what they said was a pressing question: “whether a authorities tin insulate from federal-court reappraisal a instrumentality that prohibits the workout of a law close by delegating to the wide nationalist the authorization to enforce that prohi­bition done civilian actions.”

In a 2nd filing connected Thursday, Mr. Paxton urged the justices to crook down the providers’ petition for expedited attraction of their challenge. “This lawsuit does not merit inclusion successful the tiny fig of cases wherever this tribunal has taken the bonzer measurement of granting certiorari earlier judgment,” helium wrote.

In December, the Supreme Court volition perceive arguments successful a situation to a Mississippi instrumentality that bans astir abortions aft 15 weeks. The lawsuit is simply a nonstop situation to Roe v. Wade, the 1973 determination that established a law close to abortion.

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