Trilobite fossil shows it was attacked by a human-sized sea scorpion

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Life 19 July 2021

By James Urquhart


This trilobite mightiness person escaped from the clutches of a elephantine predator

O. Fatka et al, Int. J. Paleopathol. (2021)

About 453 cardinal years ago, a trilobite mightiness person escaped the claws of a bare elephantine oversea scorpion. That is according to palaeontologists who analysed an antithetic fossil recovered successful the Czech Republic.

Trilobites flourished successful the oceans from astir 522 cardinal to 252 cardinal years agone earlier going extinct. These hard-bodied arthropods resembled woodlice and ranged betwixt astir 1 millimetre and 70 centimetres successful length. About 20,000 trilobite taxon are known from the fossil record.

Trilobite fossils …

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