Tszyu camp's bold bid to ensure world title shot

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Tim Tszyu's promoter volition lobby the WBO to guarantee the undefeated Aussie is mandatory for the ace welterweight satellite rubric loop which remains with Brian Castano pursuing his arguable gully with American Jermell Charlo yesterday.

The divided determination saw Charlo clasp the IBF, WBC and WBA belts, portion Castano held connected to his WBO belt. It was a arguable verdict that near boxing pundits up successful arms, with galore perplexed by justice Nelson Vasquez' 117-111 people successful Charlo's favour.

The gully besides near galore of Tszyu's supporters frustrated astatine the imaginable of further rubric changeable delays, with a apt rematch thought to beryllium called betwixt Castano and Charlo earlier the brace earlier determination connected to caller opponents.

Jermell Charlo (L) and Brian Castano (R) respond aft their fight. (Getty)

However, successful a caller development, Tszyu's promoter, George Rose of No Limit, says helium plans to instantly lobby WBO president Fransisco 'Paco' Valcarcel with the volition to marque Tszyu mandatory for a rubric shot, with Caston's gully possibly playing into the Aussie's favour.

"The gully could crook retired to beryllium a bully effect for america – Tszyu could beryllium next. That was a large combat and you'd beryllium amazed if Charlo wanted to leap consecutive into a rematch - positive he'll person the different sanctioning bodies breathing down his neck," Rose said per Fox Sports.

"We'll speech to Paco astatine the WBO contiguous astir the imaginable of making Tszyu mandatory for Castaño's loop and we'll beryllium doing everything imaginable to marque that combat hap earlier the extremity of the year."

Tszyu has had his eyes fixed connected the WBO rubric passim his meteoric emergence connected location ungraded and called retired Castano aft yesterday's draw.

There is simply a schoolhouse of thought, however, that helium whitethorn person to endure conscionable 1 much combat earlier his rubric shot, with a slated clash against British seasoned Liam Smith being spruiked for September.

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