UN hails ‘strong political support’ to boost peacekeepers in the field

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They see measures to amended exertion and supply other aesculapian capableness successful the tract - the cross-cutting themes of the 2021 Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial, held virtually from the Republic of Korea. 

Enhancing show & information of unit are captious for our missions to support civilians & prosecute lasting peace. We proceed to amended done A4P+ & commend Member States for their commitment, pol. enactment & invaluable pledges. @ministerBZ @USAmbUN pic.twitter.com/x4XNhWOlrw

— Jean-Pierre Lacroix (@Lacroix_UN) December 8, 2021

The pledges are successful enactment with the UN Secretary-General’s Action for Peacekeeping (A4P) initiative, and specifically wrong the 7 priorities nether the A4P+ implementation strategy to ramp up advancement implicit the adjacent 2 years.  

Strong corporate action 

“Through beardown concern and corporate action, UN Peacekeeping remains 1 of the astir effectual tools to respond to today’s bid and information challenges,” said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, caput of the UN Department of Peace Operations (DPO). 

“The beardown governmental enactment and pledges we person received from Member States volition assistance amended mandate transportation and enactment for our peacekeepers, who proceed to marque a tangible quality successful the lives of millions of radical each day.”  

Some 75 countries, and 2 planetary organizations, took portion successful the two-day Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial. 

Thirty-six nations made commitments of caller subject and constabulary capabilities, with immoderate disposable for accelerated deployment. 

South Korea initiative 

Host South Korea pledged to donate 16 helicopters to spouse countries for usage astatine UN missions.  There are presently 12 operations worldwide, located successful Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

The South Korean Government besides announced the Seoul Initiative connected Technology and Medical Capacity Building successful Peacekeeping, to assistance UN Peacekeeping go much agile, data-driven and technology-enabled, and to heighten aesculapian capableness successful the look of the progressively analyzable threats successful higher-risk operating environments.   

“Recalling our acquisition of recovering from the tragedies of the Korean War with the assistance of the UN and the planetary community, Korea is simply a surviving illustration of showing the satellite the fruits that tin beryllium borne done efforts made for peacekeeping,” said Chung Eui-yong, the country’s Foreign Minister. 

“I anticipation the Seoul Initiative helps UN peacekeepers successful defending peace, protecting susceptible civilians, and achieving their goals and missions,” helium added. 

New partnerships, including grooming initiatives, were different cardinal result of the meeting.   

Nations helping nations 

Some 45 countries committed to supply grooming opportunities, oregon announced capacity-building partnerships with different nations deploying troops and constabulary to the field. 

Member State pledges included efforts to fortify the exertion and aesculapian capableness disposable to UN peacekeepers.  Countries besides affirmed their committedness to enhancing the relation of women successful peacekeeping, and to improving the UN’s biology footprint. 

In this regard, 18 countries pledged enactment to fortify the UN’s aesculapian capabilities, portion 23 cited their ongoing efforts to summation the fig of women ‘blue helmets’. Seven nations besides made circumstantial pledges to trim the biology footprint of their deployments to UN Peacekeeping.    

Atul Khare, caput of the UN Department of Operational Support (DOS), described partnerships arsenic the “backbone” of peacekeeping. 

“I was heartened by the galore pledges to enactment ongoing established concern initiatives and to forge caller ones,” helium said.  “I stay committed to moving with each stakeholders to deepen and fortify our strategical and operational enactment partnerships for UN Peacekeeping and for those who request it most.” 

The 2021 Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial marked the latest successful a bid of meetings held since 2014 aimed astatine improving UN tract operations. 

Previous events were held successful London, Vancouver and New York, wherever the past gathering took spot 2 years ago. 

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