UN rights chief calls for prompt release of protestors held in Cuba

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The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights connected Friday called for the prompt release of protestors and journalists detained during anti-government demonstrations in Cuba, immoderate of whom are being held incommunicado. 

The monolithic protests began connected Sunday and are the biggest successful decades, with thousands taking to the streets crossed the Caribbean land federation to request the lifting of economical measures which person restricted entree to basal goods, including food, medicine and COVID-19 vaccines. 

More than 100 radical person been arrested, according to media reports.   

Use of excessive force 

UN rights main Michelle Bachelet said she was precise acrophobic astatine the alleged usage of excessive unit against protestors, and the ample fig of arrests. 

“It is peculiarly worrying that these see individuals allegedly held incommunicado and radical whose whereabouts are unknown. All those detained for exercising their rights indispensable beryllium promptly released,” she said

Ms. Bachelet besides lamented the decease of 1 idiosyncratic successful protests successful the capital, Havana.  She underlined the value of conducting “an independent, transparent, effectual investigation” into the incident, and for those liable to beryllium held accountable. 

Address grievances, assistance sanctions 

“I impulse the Government to code the protesters’ grievances done dialogue, and to respect and afloat support the rights of each individuals to peaceful assembly and to state of sentiment and expression,” she said.  

The High Commissioner besides urged the authorities to afloat reconstruct entree to the Internet and societal media.  She reiterated her entreaty for the lifting of sectoral sanctions, which person had a antagonistic interaction connected quality rights, including the close to health. 

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