'Utter nonsense': Former supremo slams F1 chaos

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Former Formula 1 main Bernie Ecclestone says claims Lewis Hamilton was robbed of the satellite title are "complete and utter nonsense."

The F1 satellite remains divided implicit a arguable Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, that saw Red Bull's Max Verstappen crowned champion, aft a last-lap walk for the lead.

That came aft a information car period, wherever Mercedes claims the close restart process wasn't followed.

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Lost successful each the play was a first-lap incidental betwixt Hamilton and Verstappen, which near the Red Bull campy furious astatine the deficiency of immoderate punishment for Hamilton.

Verstappen had attempted to walk the Mercedes driver, who near the way and kept the lead. Officials ruled that helium gave backmost immoderate vantage helium gained by taking the short-cut, portion Red Bull felt helium should person had to cede his presumption to Verstappen.

Bernie Ecclestone (right) with Red Bull brag Christian Horner successful 2019. (Getty)

"About being robbed - it's implicit and utter nonsense," Ecclestone told Sky UK.

"If you privation to deliberation astir it carefully, connected the archetypal thigh of that contention helium (Hamilton) went disconnected the circuit and came backmost connected again and Verstappen stayed connected the circuit and did perfectly thing wrong.

"Lewis wasn't punished astatine each for this truthful helium shouldn't beryllium complaining excessively much. These things hap each the clip successful sports. We shouldn't blasted the contention director, helium did precisely what was the close happening to do.'

A vigor connection has emerged successful the aftermath of the race, wherever Hamilton tells his Mercedes squad that the effect was "manipulated" successful a notation to the restart process employed pursuing the late-race information car.

"I'd similar to cognize who has been manipulating and is clever capable to bash that," Ecclestone said.

Lewis Hamilton tackles a qualifying thigh up of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. (Getty)

"This was conscionable a acceptable of circumstances that happened and it ended an unthinkable satellite title that I'm definite everyone was much than blessed to watch."

Mercedes is yet to corroborate if it volition propulsion up with an appeal, with the deadline for doing truthful conscionable 3 days away.

It's a determination Ecclestone says would triumph them fewer friends.

Aussie authoritative nether occurrence implicit F1 rubric finish

"I deliberation an entreaty would beryllium the worst happening they (Mercedes) could do. It would look similar they are atrocious losers," helium said.

"It was precise level. Two guys racing each different and 1 was quicker than the different one. It's a batch of nonsense. It took them 4 hours to determine if they had a lawsuit oregon not truthful it couldn't person been that clear.

"Max won it just and quadrate which is simply a bully happening to do. People are conscionable arsenic blessed to spot a caller look triumph it. I personally was blessed that Lewis didn't triumph an eighth title due to the fact that of Michael Schumacher. I wouldn't similar to spot that broken."

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