Wallabies star sent off in 'absolute travesty'

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The Wallabies' last Test lucifer with France has been met with contention aft prima winger Marika Koroibete was sent disconnected successful the opening 5 minutes of the match.

With Australia trailing 3-0 astatine the time, Koroibete appeared to unit a turnover with a large changeable connected France's skipper Anthony Jelonch earlier the collision was sent to the TMO for a look astatine imaginable foul play.

While replays looked favourable for Koroibete, astatine slightest successful the eyes of Nine's commentary squad including All Blacks large Andrew Mehrtens, referee Ben O'Keeffe deemed Koroibete's changeable to beryllium foul play with nonstop interaction to the caput and enarthrosis of the French skipper.

The determination proved important with France responding instantly with a effort to Baptiste Couilloud, to instrumentality a 10-0 pb astatine the time.

"I reckon Anthony Jelonch has tucked down into that," Mehrtens said successful commentary for Nine.

"I don't deliberation the people oregon the interaction was ever higher than the shoulder.

Marika Koroibete sent disconnected (Nine)

"If you ticker that astatine mean speed, Jelonch arsenic helium takes the ball, past tucks his caput down. I conscionable don't cognize however we tin legislate to cater for that.

"Otherwise we volition get players ducking their heads into each constituent of contact.

"Even though I'm surviving successful Australia, that's an implicit travesty and we request to perceive much astir this.

"They painted themselves into a country by saying it was foul play and by saying determination was nary mitigation. I deliberation they are incorrect connected some counts."

Cross-code fable Sonny Bill Williams said Koroibete's send-off was a reminder that World Rugby needs to instrumentality connected a "common sense" approach.

"Very disappointing that a referee's determination tin perchance find the result of specified a large game," Williams told Nine during the half-time break.

Michael Hooper of the Wallabies speaks to referee Ben O'Keeffe (Getty)

"Yes we request to support a player's safety, but we request to support the crippled too.

"What I would similar to spot is simply a communal consciousness regularisation travel into play.

"The punter watching astatine home, helium knows Jelonch is going to beryllium capable to get up and play the remainder of the 80 minutes.

"Why for interaction similar that, erstwhile helium tin transportation connected playing the game, are we going to regularisation retired Koroibete for the remainder of the game? It doesn't marque consciousness to me."

The determination to nonstop Koroibete from the tract resulted successful terrible vexation from fans crossed societal media.

Former Wallaby Lote Tuqiri, who was 1 of galore near scratching their heads, took to Twitter and labelled the determination arsenic "embarrassing".

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