WATCH: Anderson Cooper Blasts GOP Leadership for Putting Insurrection Inciting Jim Jordan on 1/6 Panel

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Shortly aft the January 6th insurrection connected the Capitol, Republicans said the rights things astir investigating the event. But successful the months that person followed, GOP enactment has shown that their lone extremity is to support Donald Trump astatine immoderate cost.

So erstwhile Kevin McCarthy submitted a database of Republicans to service connected a 1/6 panel, helium included immoderate absorbing names. 3 of the 5 lawmakers helium named voted against certifying the election. And not surprisingly, helium included apical Trump sycophant Jim Jordan connected his list. Anderson Cooper ripped that determination connected his Monday show.

The CNN big began, “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy named his picks for the select committee connected the January 6th onslaught connected the capitol. No surprise, immoderate of his choices wanted the aforesaid result by different means arsenic the rioters did. They wanted to overturn election results. In fact, they voted to. One adjacent boasted astir it.”

Cooper past played a clip of Jordan saying, “I don’t cognize however you tin ever person maine that President Trump didn’t triumph this happening based connected each the things you see.”

Anderson Cooper slams GOP for putting insurrection inspiring Jim Jordan connected 1/6 panel.

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) July 20, 2021

Correspondent Ryan Nobles weighed in, “There is simply a beauteous compelling assemblage of grounds that says conscionable that, Anderson. And that is portion of what this prime committee’s task is to do, to link those dots to fig retired what went incorrect present connected January 6th, and past travel up with solutions to forestall it from ever happening successful the future. That’s wherefore determination was a batch of interest astir the picks that Kevin McCarthy was going to marque to this panel.”

Naming Jordan to the sheet was a archetypal people troll occupation by McCarthy. It remains to beryllium seen if Speaker Nancy Pelosi volition veto the choice.

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