Watch Democratic Congresswoman Shatter Marco Rubio’s Child Tax Credit Lies

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Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) shattered the prevarication being pushed by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and different Republicans that kid taxation credits are anti-work legislation.


Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) calls retired the Republican prevarication that kid taxation credits are anti-work authorities connected #Velshi. Sen. Marco Rubio got his caput handed to him to Rep. Chu.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 17, 2021

On MSNBC’s Velshi, Ali Velshi asked Rep. Chu to respond to Rubio’s assertion that taxation credits for children are anti-work legislation.

Rep. Chu answered:

I’d similar to cognize what happened to the Republicans. They are the ones who first initiated the kid taxation credit in 1997. It was a bipartisan ballot successful a republican-controlled congress. And past successful 2017, they expanded the kid taxation recognition from $1,000 per kid to $2,000 per child. They supported this successful the past. What is the occupation now?

Let maine archer you something, over 97% of families receiving the child taxation recognition are working. They really actively are working. So this is an other assistance that they tin get to marque definite that  they tin wage for the necessities, particularly during in clip of covid. It is indispensable for them to be able to look towards the future.


And fto maine conscionable say, you don’t lose immoderate kid taxation recognition if you work. There is nary disincentive to work. The planetary grounds is actually rather clear, the vast majority of countries that have this unconditional kid benefit have higher labour force participation rates than successful the U.S.

 Republicans Are Pro-Child Poverty

The Republican Party is the enactment of kid poverty. Rubio and Republicans are arguing against a taxation credit, not a authorities program, that volition assistance millions of children retired of poorness and chopped kid poorness successful fractional successful the United States.

The Biden kid taxation recognition is historic. 

The Republican absorption to making definite that millions of American kids aren’t mediocre is tragic.

The alleged household values enactment is truthful anti-children that they privation to support American families mediocre and astatine hazard of COVID to support corporations from paying much taxes.

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